Monday, March 9, 2009

Staple Free

Today I had my staples removed from my incision. The nurse put tape where the staples were to give my incision some support. I'm glad they are out, and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Rich was there holding my hand, and I took an extra pain pill before I went. I can tell they are gone tho--it feels like something is missing and I find myself holding my belly when I stand up.
Overall, today was a good day. After my appt. we went to Northtown to go to Mrs. Fields. I love their smoothies, and Rich loves the cookies! I was doing ok, so we walked down to look at the puppies in the pet store. They are soooo cute! After that we came home. I figured I'd take a nap, but once again, I never got around to it. If I don't take a nap I just end up going to bed about 9:30.
Shonna had penciled me in for some "movie time", so we watched Mama Mia. She got irritated with her dad because he couldn't help but make silly comments about the movie--not his type of movie I guess! It was an ok movie, fun to watch, but not much too it. And a LOT of sexual innuendo, so not for the young teens! And now I have ABBA songs stuck in my head (Dancing Queen, anyone?). Thanks Shonna for spending some time with your momma, and putting up with your dad!
I've been reading a blog from a woman in AZ who was diagnosed with colon cancer last May. She had her last chemo treatment in Dec., and is still feeling the effects. Her cancer was stage III also. Its interesting for me to read about what I might be going thru soon. She came thru it strong and determined to kick the cancer in the butt (cause that's where it kicked us!!). I hope I can do as well! I'm going to put a link to her blog on mine so others can read about it if they want.
March is colon cancer awareness month--so if you are 50 or over GET YOUR COLONOSCOPY DONE! Or no matter what age you are, if you have any syptoms, don't let your doctor brush you off cuz your too young. Insist on getting a colonoscopy. Colon cancer can be PREVENTED if polyps are found before they become cancerous. Check out my link on my blog page for more info on symptoms.
I would like to thank Bridgewood Community Church again. Their prayers and meals have been such a blessing to me. This is a church that really follows Jesus. I'm praying extra blessings for them! Thanks also to my cousin Kathy for the yummy soup! Totally unexpected, but very kind!
I hope next week to start getting out and maybe have lunch with some people. We'll see how everything goes. I definitely have my appetite back, but I'm trying to keep off the 8 pounds I've lost already. Altho my surgical team did tell me not to diet right now, hmmmmm.
Hope all is well with everyone! Send me e-mails to update me on your lives, work, whatever!
Love and Blessings!!

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  1. And how is my sister today? I can't believe how much I look forward to your updated even though I only live 3-4 blocks away!

    Love you.