Monday, March 2, 2009

Only a Few

Hi All!
Today felt like it was a busy day. Maybe that's because I never got around to taking a nap!
I made an appt. to have my staples removed, expecting it to be Wed. or Thurs., but the appt. person said I could come in this afternoon. So we went down to the HealthPartners Specialty center to see my surgeon's nurse, Michelle. Nicest nurse ever! I saw her at my pre-op appt., and she spent alot of time with us explaining everything. Well, today was too soon to get all my staples removed, but she removed a few. Stupid things hurt! I guess it wasn't so bad considering all I've been thru the previous week, but I was hoping it wouldn't hurt. I have to go back on Monday. In the meantime she's going to gather some info from others in the clinic about the oncologist they scheduled me to see. She'll let me know what she finds out on Monday. She knows I want someone who really knows his stuff and is keeping up on all the latest treatments. There were some other things she's finding out for me too, and she made sure I had all my appts. made before I left.
I see Dr. Wolpert(surgeon) on Thurs. March 12th for my post-op, and an oncologist on Tues., March 17th at the Regions Cancer Care Center. Anyone know anything about that place? I'm hoping that because its a teaching hospital they'll be up to date on the latest research and treatments.
I still have yet to hear back from the urologist about having the Foley cath removed...but don't really want to talk about that :-P.
Thank you Heidi for the YUMMY dinner! Rich was pretty hungry, and ate half of it by himself! It was Taco pie--I've never had it, but have a recipe I planned on making sometime. Tomorrow Rachel and Ken are making homemade Chicken Noodle soup--can't wait!
I'm feeling pretty good. I started the day unloading the dishwasher and wiping down counters--now don't think I shouldn't be doing that--its good for me to be up and moving around! I won't do anything I shouldn't! But after all the time spent at the clinic I was pretty exhausted. I just couldn't seem to settle down enough for a nap tho. Oh well, I can go to bed early (after 24 is over!)
For those of you who want to leave me messages, but don't want to post here, you can e-mail me at If you know my work e-mail, you can use that too, because I check that here at home.
I got even more cards in the mail today, and some more flowers from a wonderful neighbor! Each card or gift is a real treat--thank you all.
Love and Blessings!

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