Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Free!

Hey all,
Well, yesterday I went to the urologist and had the catheter removed. I am SOOOO happy to be rid of that thing. I did have to come home with a "do-it-yourself" kit, but everything seems to be working well enough without it. I cried when I was at the clinic cuz things weren't working like they were supposed to. Rich keeps telling me its just a minor thing and nothing to be upset about, but for whatever reason, I hated having a catheter. Now I can tell that there is some nerve damage because "going" isn't that easy, but its getting better each day. And I know Rich is right--in the big picture, its really a minor thing to be so worried about.
Today I've had more pain at the incision. Yesterday we found a little split between 2 of the staples that had bled a little, so I called the clinic to see if I should put something on it. They said just a bandaid, and keep an eye on it for infection, but it should be fine. I suppose that part will leave a worse scar, not that I'm that worried about what my stomach looks like. My bikini modeling days are over :-) (there is a pic of part of my incision on my facebook) Anyways, I've been taking more pain meds because of the incision pain, and then I ended up with an upset stomach for awhile, I think because of the meds.
Rich went to work today for a little while(got his review--good job Hon! I'm proud of you!!), and he had Rachel come over to "babysit" me. I didn't think I needed anyone, but I am glad she was here. We went for a walk down to the end of the street and it felt so good to be outside. Later in the afternoon Diane from church stopped by to bring 2 dinners (ate the chicken and stuffing tonight-yum!). She visited for a little bit and prayed for me. Knowing that my stomach wasn't feeling too good and it was keeping me from napping, she prayed that I would feel better and be able to nap. Well, after she left I got comfy on the couch and zonked right out! Thank you Jesus!
On a sad note, Alyssa's fiance, Jaren, left tonight for Fort Lewis, WA, and then in 2 months will go to Iraq. He won't be back until next Feb. or March. She is a very brave, strong girl, and we are very proud of her for standing by her man! And we are very proud of him for serving his country. We will do our best to keep her busy, and when he comes back we'll be having a wedding!! Please say a prayer for them too.
I hope the weather continues to be nice and the roads somewhat clear so I can keep going for little walks. And, I hope everyone from work enjoys Spring Break! I'm hoping next week to get out for lunch and maybe a little mall walking. Alyssa and I are going to plan some dinners and use Rich as our guinea pig for some new recipes. :-)
Take care!

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