Monday, March 16, 2009

One Store at a Time!

On Saturday I posted that Rich and I planned on going to Fleet Farm and Target...didn't quite work out that way! We went to Arby's first for a quick lunch and then Fleet Farm. After being there only 10 min. or so, I told Rich I didn't think I was going to make it to Target! We spent another 15-20 minutes there and headed home. I got very achey and tired alot faster than I expected! Sunday I made it to church, but barely made it thru the whole service (about an hour and 15 min.). I was determined to stick it out tho. I especially needed the praise and worship, but the sermon was good too. Both days I had a nice nap in the afternoon!
Today Alyssa took my mom and I to Target. Poor girl--had to help Grandma with her heavy bags and then help me too, as I still can't lift much. Luckily Shonna was home from school when we got back and she was able to help carry groceries up the stairs, so Alyssa didn't have to do it all herself. I don't think she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to take us shopping! The best part was that she did it all with a smile! My back and tummy were pretty sore by the time we were done, but its nothing that's going to kill me---its just uncomfortable for awhile.
Well tomorrow is the big day with the oncologist. Rich will be going with me, of course. I'm nervous about it. I already know I have to do chemo, but hearing the oncologist say it will make it more final. Might be a depressing day....(I'm allowed one once in awhile aren't I??)
Hope everyone else is doing well!!

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  1. I am so mad! I had a very long post for you to read! I should have done Control C and saved it just in case! ACK!

    Don't think of chemo as something to fear or dread. Think of it as getting you one step closer to being well. It will kill your cancer!

    I was on the Folfox regimen. So was Michelle. Oxaliplatin, Bevacizumab, Leukovoren (I may be spelling these incorrectly), 5-FU and Avastin. This is a proven treatment for colon cancer. It works.

    Have you gotten your portacath yet? I have flat veins so I didn't want to go in for treatment and get poked in the arm each time. The port was great. I never felt anything more than a pinch when the needle was being inserted into the port. Having the port allowed me to be able to go home with a fanny pack full of chemo and not come back for 48 hours. Worst thing was forgetting it was there and dragging it off the bed and onto the floor into the bathroom at night!

    Don't worry about being tired and needing a nap. I slept through most of my chemo treatment and am just now, ten months later, at the point where I don't need an afternoon nap anymore.

    Every day and every chemo treatment is different. Some patients don't experience any side effects at all. You won't lose your hair. Funny thing. I did lose my eyelashes due to constant tearing which was a side effect I had from the oxaliplatin. So was neuropathy of the hands. I also had heightened sensitivity to cold (hands, mouth and eyes). Eyelashes grew back. LOL. There will be diarrhea so be prepared. I made sure I knew where every public bathroom was for every trip I made.

    Don't worry if you can't keep food down during chemo treatment. As long as you are drinking liquids you will be fine. I kept pudding cups and jello cups out on the counter to eat. They count as liquids.

    If you feel dehydrated during treatment or between treatments (usually every other week you go in) call the center and go in for a fill up. giggle They'll hang a bag of fluids for you to get over a two hour period. Believe me, it helps!

    I can't think of anything else but if you ever have questions you can email me.

    P.S. My sister in law is a 16 year colon cancer survivor. She was my inspiration throughout treatment. She knew I could do it. You can do it as well!