Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Outing With the Girls

Yesterday I went out for lunch with all 3 of my girls. Its rare that I can get them all in on place at the same time! We went to Godfather's Pizza--Yumm! Its been awhile since we've been there, and Alyssa and I have been craving it recently. I even put on jeans for the occasion! It felt so good to be wearing normal clothes. But I did take them back off soon after getting home--they were starting to bother the incision! When we were leaving the restaurant Rachel asked "Where to next?" and Alyssa looked at me and said "Home, mom looks pooped!" And she was right. But I had a good time--lots of laughs! Here are 2 pics of the occasion: (notice Alyssa's "I Heart My Soldier" pin!)
I am feeling pretty good. Same old bladder and bowel issues--very annoying. Can't be away from home for too long because I want the comfort of my own bathroom! I've started really praying for God to heal these problems. I would like to enjoy some of my time off before chemo starts! I'm hoping the oncologist doesn't think I need radiation too, as I don't want to risk more bladder trouble. My surgeon was going to give me some meds to help slow down the bowel, but then after asking me more about the bladder, decided the meds might interfere with getting the bladder back to normal. Overall, I'm doing better--like I said its just annoying.
Today Rich and I plan on getting out for some walks, and we are going to make a short trip to Fleet Farm and Target. I'm so happy for the warmer weather! I really need to get out walking more!
I hope all my friends at work enjoyed Spring Break. If anyone went on any fun trips (*cough* England *cough *cough*) send me an update! I still have 3 weeks off--and we'll have to see what happens with chemo. Unfortunately I don't have any sick days left, so I'll have to try to work as much as I can! The nice thing is by the time I come back to work I won't need my heavy winter coat anymore!
Get out and enjoy the sunshine--hope to hear from some of you soon!
Love ya all!

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