Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday morning Sandy from work came over to see me. She brought me a few gifts from work. She couldn't stay long because her family was heading north for Spring Break (weird family, I know). After she left I opened my gifts--a book from her (thanks!!) and a card from everyone at work. Inside the card was a giftcard for Target in an unbelievable amount!! OMG! I was totally overwhelmed. I'm going to buy a Wii fit, and then save the rest just in case we need it for groceries later in the month when my pay is cut due to my leave of absence. I work with the BESTEST EVER people! LOVE YOU GUYS! I also got a gift from the kdg. teachers (thanks so much you 2!!! I may have to hide the chocolate!), and with their gift was a homemade card from my little buddy I work with. It was so precious, I almost cried! I miss him, and worry about him alot. So again, thank you everyone. I have no idea how to repay anyone, other than to make sure I'm available to help others when they need it.
Today I went to a restuarant for the first time. We went with Alyssa to Northtown to have her ring cleaned, and then we ate at Applebee's. Brought most of my food home, but it was nice to be out. Rich and Alyssa ran back into the mall to go to Mrs. Field's. Rich got cookies, of course, and Alyssa and I got smoothies. They have the best ones there. They are smooth and creamy. Now I am pretty tuckered out and will probably nap soon.
I am healing fairly quickly I think. Sometimes I have some pain at the incision, but I'm not taking very many pain meds anymore either. I've been getting some headaches too. We've been watching alot of movies and this morning I finally got the checkbook up to date--its been awhile! I also got out for a walk, but it was too chilly to stay outside too long!
God has been very good and is standing by me thru all of this. And I have a wonderful husband that hardly leaves my side for a minute. My mom and daughters are always available too, if needed. I am feeling very blessed...cancer won't bring me down!
Love and blessings!!


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