Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ahhh, Home....

I finally got to come home today. They've run all their tests and switched my pain meds around, and so now, basically, I can suffer just as well at home as in the hospital! I actually feel better now than I have all day, but I haven't been up too much yet either. Slept when I got home--the car ride was painful-- and am now sitting up in bed with the computer, some crackers, jello, and all my mail that I have to sort thru.
The docs think all this has been caused by the irritation to the bowels from both the 5Fu and radiation. I seem to be sensitive to the chemo drugs, which means I get the side effects worse. I think I've said before that I hope that also means the drugs are working better to kill the cancer!
I have no idea what the oncologist and radiation therapist have planned for me, but I know that they want me to continue with both treatments. I'll see the onc. for sure tomorrow, and hopefully the rad. doc too, so I don't have to make another trip down there to see him later in the week. All I know is they were going to give me a few days to rest my intestines before they attacked them again.
The colitis and uti should clear up with the antibiotics; the ct scan showed my lower bowel is very inflamed, which is why I have so much pain. I have shots to give myself for the blood clot. I may have to take shots or pills for the duration of chemo so I don't get another one. They are another side effect of chemo.
I hope everyone is praying for the families of the Nat'l Guard members that were killed a few days ago. The 3 that were killed were on Jaren's base, and in his MP unit. WAY to close!! Alyssa has been getting together with some other wives, and tonight they are at the prayer vigil in Stillwater.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful e-mails and comments!!
Love to all,


  1. Are you taking Heparin injections or Coumadin for the blood clots (to prevent them)? My blood clots too fast so I get Heparin injections while in the hospital.

    I'm getting really nervous about my appt on Wednesday with my oncologist. My PET scan was last week and I dread the six month checkup. I get sick to my stomach thinking "what if" the cancer is back, "what if" I have to go back on chemo, etc. I hate this. Is this what my next five years will be like?

    On a good note, I will turn 47 on Tuesday. Yipee! I made it!

    Did your oncologist tell you if your tumor had shrunk enough to do surgery yet?

  2. Home is best ... glad you're home.