Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, I am 45 now--getting old! :-) I told Rich not to do anything special; we might go out Friday for steak, if I'm feeling up to it. Its ok if this birthday goes by without much fanfare--but wait til next year! I'll be cancer free and ready to celebrate another year of life!
I've had a little more pain today--so didn't cut back on those pain pills yet, and some nausea which I think is from all the meds. I'm also more tired than yesterday. But overall, not too bad!
I think I'm going to try to get to Target with Alyssa. We are seriously behind on our grocery shopping. Lys and Rich have been trying to get there for days now, but something always comes up, so maybe she and I can finally get it done.
I'm glad the docs gave me a week off before I have to start again--my body really needed this break. I think mentally I needed it too--to help me prepare for the months that lie ahead. The part of me that says "I can do it!" is becoming stronger, and the fear is starting to fade (a little!) With God ALL things are possible!
Love and blessings!!


  1. Happy Birthday Tina and many many more!

  2. Health care like Canada's or England's?

    Do you realize that anyone under the age 50 may not have been eligible for a colonoscopy under the rationed health care system like exists in other countries? It took Tina two-three weeks from diagnosis to the operating room which is months or years faster than under other systems. Survival rates for people with cancer are much higher in the U.S. and I'm thankful that you and the other young bloggers (Michelle, Carol, etc) are in the STATES. :-)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Tina! Hope you had a good day! I'm glad that you are off for a week and can take a break. Still praying!

  4. Happy Be-Lated Birthday! I don't write often, but think of you daily...I love your blogs, and you are so good about keeping them updated. I have no doubt you will make it thro all day at a time.

    Love you Kiddo!