Monday, July 6, 2009

Tummy Aches

I've been feeling pretty yucky the last few days. Lots of tummy cramps. Nothing so bad that I have to take Immodium (I don't think that helps the cramping part anyways), but I have taken a Pepto Bismol now and then, and I'm trying to eat more bananas and "binding" foods. No fresh fruit or veggies. I think I should make an appt. with the dietician at Regions. I can see one while I'm down there for radiation. I was told I can eat cooked veggies, but I wasn't sure about corn on the cob. I ate 2 the other day (yum!), and my tummy started hurting after that and has been hurting since (I ate it on Sat.). So, these are things the dietician could tell me. I've been more tired too--but my hemoglobin and other red blood cells counts are low. Hemoglobin was 9.2 today--9.5 last week. I've never been this low except maybe after Shonna was born--but I don't remember how low I was then, just that I had lost a lot of blood so the doc expected it to be low. I asked the nurse today if she knew how low it has to be for them to give me blood and she said "in the eights"--so I'm pretty close to that!
I did find out that this chemo drug (5FU) does cause low white and red blood cells counts. I thought it was just white blood cells I had to worry about! My white blood cells and platelets are all just fine, thank God!
I've been having a little more nausea too. I mentioned before that I had to take one of my pills on Friday, and I took another one today. Over the weekend I just felt a little yucky at times--not bad enough to take anything.
To anyone that has a port, or central line that needs to be flushed with saline--it REALLY helps to plug your nose. You can breathe thru your mouth, but don't unplug until the nurse is completely done flushing the line. I got very little of that yucky taste today. Last week I unplugged in the middle of it and got the full hit. I felt sick the rest of the day, and couldn't get that taste out of my mouth. I don't think everyone is as affected by it as I am, but don't take the chance!
I have a nice, red, bumpy rash around my port. Its been itching a little from the dressing that covers it, but it got really bad when the nurse put extra plastic tape around it last Thursday. So today, the nurse just put a clear plastic covering over it. Its not much different than saran wrap. Hopefully this won't itch as bad!
All in all, this is still better than chemo, but I wish the cramping would stop! I wasn't prepared to be lazin' around--I thought I'd be feeling well enough to keep busy most of this summer!
Thanks for your prayers!
Love to all!


  1. It it sounds like you are doing the right thing by consulting your Oncology nurse and dietician. I am sorry you are experiencing so many side effects. I will pray that the side effects will subside. Feel better soon!

  2. I'm allergic to tape. Could be you are developing an allergy or sensitivity to it, too. Ask them to use paper tape and see if that helps.

    Sorry about the nausea! My favorite thing is popcorn and I remember not being able to eat any during chemo. I still stay away from fresh fruit. It doesn't react well with my innards. :)

  3. If they clean the area around the port it might be the antiseptic cleaner ... I thought I was allergic to the adhesive bandages ... turns out it was the chlorohexidine they were using.

    Sorry about the tummy aches ... it's a real balancing act.