Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keepin' It Bland

Saw Dr. B (radiation doc) after my treatment today. He and his nurse, Donnie, gave me some good ideas to help with the tummy. Donnie told me to try Kaopectate (sp?) because its stronger than Pepto Bismol. I reminded both her and Dr. B that I don't want to take Immodium unless I absolutely have to(because it slows down my bladder)--if it gets to the point I'm losing too much fluid, then I'll need to take it. Apparently it would help with the cramping tho, I didn't realize that. Anyways, I'll try the Kao stuff and see if that helps. Dr. B said I should probably cut out ALL fruits and veggies--even canned, cooked, and juiced! If I could take the Immodium I could probably still eat those things. The only fruit I can have is bananas.
I'm starting to lose my appetite again too (not such a bad thing, really). Nothing is tasting good. Altho Alyssa mentioned Godfather's pizza, and that sounded good! Pizza is a favorite, because of its stronger taste I can taste it more than other things, if that makes sense. I think I'll take her there for lunch tomorrow!
I feel a little better today--still the occasional crampiness, but not all the time like the last few days. I'm generally in a better mood too, altho still pretty tired. All 3 of my girls were here at the same time (along with Dee's 2 cute puppies!), and I love visiting with them all at once. We are starting to plan Rachel's baby shower! We will be having it toward the end of Aug., because I'll probably be too sick to enjoy it if we wait until Oct.
I know a lot of you are praying for me--I ask that you also pray that God would give the docs and researchers wisdom and they find a cure for this horrible disease! Just this week I've heard of 2 more people I know who have been diagnosed with cancer--its got to stop!!
Take care everyone!
Love and blessings~


  1. Keeping it bland...love it! Stay away from all things greasy. Just say no to pizza unless you want severe diarrhea.

  2. P.S. I found out last night that I still can't do greasy things. I have to just say no to onion rings. Had those and a burger at Denny's last night and spent the evening in the toilet. Not fun!

  3. Yes there is fare too much cancer out there ... I hope you get some relief soon.