Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Update for My Sister! ;-)

Dee was asking if there is anything new since my "New Plan" update. Not much! I haven't been sleeping very well the last 2 nights, so am very lethargic during the day, and usually take an afternoon nap. Its sort of frustrating because there is a lot I should be doing, but I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I think I'll take one of the sleeping pills the doc gave me to see if it keeps me asleep longer tonight.
Radiation took longer today cuz I couldn't get positioned right. Each time I go in they get me lined up with the "dots" they tattooed on me, and then they leave the room to start the radiation. First the machine takes a picture (x-ray) and they compare it with the original pics they took during the planning session. For some reason my pelvis doesn't lie the same way as it did during the planning. I usually have to tilt it a little, but today they tried about 3 times and finally had me get off the table and start all over. Then we finally got it right! I always know if its right cuz the table moves a little and the machine starts buzzing. I've learned to listen to the buzzes, and I always know when its done. I lay on my stomach with my face on a donut-type "pillow" and my arms up above my head. Not very comfortable! My arms fall asleep if they stay there too long.
Tonight is Alyssa's cheerleading fundraiser at a local restaurant, so Rich and I will be having dinner out. I hope I find something good to eat and don't waste a bunch of food (and money) like I did last Friday! Now that I'm done with most of my antibiotics, maybe my appetite will come back again.
We (Rich and I) are toying with the idea of maybe going to Duluth overnight this weekend. We haven't been there since last year, and I miss it! I suppose I should check to see if there are any rooms available before we plan too much--some weekends its impossible to get a room. We could use a little "getaway"!
Well, that's about it! I can still get stomach/intestinal problems with just radiation, but hopefully things won't get too bad.
Yay, Its raining--we need it and it smells so good!
Love to all,


  1. Tina - I hope you get your weekend getaway - you sure deserve it and Duluth is enough to help anyone feel a little better. Hope you continue to feel well enough to go. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Jeanne