Monday, June 14, 2010

Post-Chemo Post

(Most of this is taken from my post at the discussion boards)
I just got back from my first AC treatment. The whole thing, including labs, took about 3.5 hours. Next time will be a bit longer because I'll see my onc. too. I got Decadron and Zofran through my port (seems to be the standard at my cancer center). Oh--because Emend worked well for me in the past, the nurse made sure I got some today.   I'm not sure if the doc was going to give it to me anyway, or just did because the nurse asked. So before the infusion started I took an Emend pill, and then I'll take 1 a day for the next 2 days. Emend helps with delayed nausea. After the pre-meds, the nurse gave me the Andriamycin (red devil). It was pushed in with a large syringe. She pushes it very slowly so it mixes with the saline that is also going in. Every couple of minutes she would pull it back to pull blood out to make sure my veins were ok. She said problems are less likely to happen with a port, but they still take precautions.  It is tough on veins and can cause a lot of damage if some spills out.  She did 3 syringes of that @ 5 min. each. Oh, and she gave me ice chips to help ward off mouth sores while I was getting the drug. Then she started the Cytoxan. That bag took an hour.

So, other than the nerves and upset stomach from being back at chemo, everything went well. It helps that I'm familiar with the place, and the nurses know me. I had one of my favorite nurses, Andrea, today.  She and Cheryl are my usual nurses, but they all are great, and stop to chat with me.  I brought pictures, of course, to share with them!  I did take an Ativan to help with anxiety and nausea before I went, and it helped.  I just am a little tired and blah feeling. I've noticed most people feel the worst a few days out, and the nurse agreed that that's what usually happens. My throat seems a little scratchy too, hmmm. Since I got enough steroids in the infusion, I won't take a pill until the morning. Hopefully I can sleep tonight, but that is somewhat unlikely. I'll probably end up in the recliner flipping through channels
I'll be taking it easy the rest of the day.  Starting to feel more yucky--a little nausea perhaps? idk, we'll see what happens.  I have to drink lots and lots of fluids too.
I'll post more tomorrow if I feel up to it.  Oh- I have to get my Neulasta shot at 4pm.  I think Rich is going to take me and just drive around while waiting for me instead of paying for a few min. of parking.  I'm REALLY hoping I don't get too much back pain.  I'll probably take ibuprofen before I go, just in case.  I've heard that taking a Claritin helps too.  My nurse has just heard a little about that from other patients, but she said it wouldn't hurt to try it if I want to.
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  1. A reminder to be proactive on the nausea meds. Neulasta didn't bother me much. I got achy and tender in the upper back. They told me the sternum, but that never bothered me.