Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tx 1, Day 2

Tx is the abbreviation for treatment.  I got used to using abbreviations from the discussion boards!
Last night the nausea got a little worse. I took a Compazine, then a few hours later a Zofran, then about midnight I took and Ativan.  Then, about a half hour later I was out and slept soundly until Rich got up at 6!  I was in the recliner, and I rarely sleep that soundly there!  I heard him going out the door to get the paper, and I thought to myself, I don't usually hear the door that well from the bedroom--then I realized I was in the recliner, and smiled and said thank you God!  I was happy I slept that well!
Today I'm happy to say that I didn't have much nausea.  Just feel tired and out of it.  Not much interest in eating--had to force myself to eat breakfast and lunch!  I am able to function, and do what needs to be done, but I'd probably rather sit and stare at birds all day!
Rich came home from work a bit early to take me down to get my Neulasta shot.  Have I explained that in the past?  It helps keep the white blood cells up.  This chemo knocks them out, so the shot is given routinely, instead of waiting for them to go down, like with my last chemo.  The shot has the potential to cause a lot of bone pain, so I took my blog friend Michelle's advice and took a claritin.  Some people have said that it helps somehow, not a lot of docs are recommending it yet, but my nurse said it wouldn't hurt.  Some recommend taking it with Aleve, but I forgot to get some, so I took Ibuprofen instead.  With the neupogen shots (similar to Neulasta, but shorter acting) I used to take, alternating ibu. and Tylenol throughout the day helped alot.  I also have percocet if it gets real bad.  The nurse that gave me the shot today, Maggie, remembered how bad the neupogen hurt me last time and was real worried about how this one would effect me.  She said to alternate the ibu. and Tylenol, and call if it doesn't work.  I told her I had some Percocet, she told me to take it if I needed it, but call and let the doc know that I needed it. She was sure he'd be ok with it.  Hope I don't get too sore!
I've been trying to keep up with the liquids, but am getting tired of it! I find I am needing the colace and senekot-s too! 
Tomorrow Dee is taking me to look at wigs.  Shonna might go with, but unfortunately Alyssa can't.  Rachel and fam are up north at a cabin.  I'm kind of excited to look at wigs.  I really need to get some scarves too.  If I remember tomorrow, maybe I'll order some online.
I made my appt. for a haircut Thurs. afternoon.  I'll get a "normal" short haircut--it'll be fun to try something new.  Then when my hair starts to fall out, I have a friend who can buzz it real short. 
Well, I've to to quit now--too many typos I have to keep fixing!
God has been good, and hearing your prayers!  Thanks!
To my cousin Jill--not sure if you read this, but if you do send me an e-mail and give me an update!!
Love ya all!~


  1. I haven't had to take the neupogen shots this time round (on chemo a second time) but I dooooo remember the bone pain, a rather weird pain. For the most part I rolled into it, enduring it, and not taking pain killers. So far on this new chemo, I haven't had to take the shots.
    Hope you get a good night's rest tonight, too!

  2. Love you, too, girl! I had a really long prayer list when I went to bed tonight. I said my prayers then laid there for a while and decided I couldn't sleep, got back up and here I be.

    Been thinking so much about you and praying for you. Hoping the Neulasta/Neupogen shots don't give you any pain this time around.

    You are such a trooper and such a beautiful person inside and out.

    Love you my friend.