Thursday, June 17, 2010

Steroid Buzz

The steroids are catching up with me!  Didn't sleep much past 3 am last night--so I'm really tired, yet jittery with a racing mind at the same time! 
I'm happy to report that the nausea, so far, has been minimal.  I'll take my last steroid today, and hopefully the Emend (which is for delayed nausea) will keep the nausea away for the next few days--of course I always have my back-ups!  The tiredness has been the biggest issue, but so far not as extreme as what I went through last time!  Cat naps seem to help a lot.
Yesterday Dee took me to look at wigs at the Am. Cancer Society.  Shonna went with and she texted photos of me to Alyssa, who couldn't be there.  I got one that's a little shorter than I wear my hair now, but similar to what I was thinking of for my haircut today.  I'll bring it with and have my hair guy look it over and trim/thin if needed.  There was another one that is a little longer that looked really natural on me too, so I might order it from their catalog.  These are not high quality wigs, but I think they'll look ok.  I'm not going to buy anything too expensive for such a short time.  Now I just need to get moving and order some scarves and hats!  I'm running out of time!  I'm trying to have fun with all this--but I will miss my hair.  Hopefully I won't be too upset when the time comes to buzz it off--probably in less than 2 weeks now, can you believe it?
There is a lot of talk on the forums about some of the "stupid" things people say when they find out you have cancer.  One of the ones that upset some women was when someone said "Well now you can get a nice pair of perky boobs!"  I had to chuckle because that was what I said about myself when telling people I had breast cancer!  Now, let me assure you, that the "new" breasts, if I choose to get them, will not be "nice".  I could potentially look good in a sweater,  but they aren't pretty.  I think that's what upsets some people, because if you've never seen reconstructed breasts you have no idea how "not nice" they can look.  The worst thing anyone ever said to me was right after I found out I had colon cancer, and was still pretty upset about it.  They (and I don't even remember who it was anymore)  told me about someone they knew who had it and then told me that person died from it!  How upsetting that was to me then!  Jeez, think a little people!  But now that doesn't upset me, its just reality.  Just be careful what you say to the newly diagnosed, they are the most touchy.  The best thing to say?  "That really stinks--what can I do to help you?"
Well, there are a few things I really need to do, so I should make an effort to get them done.  Everything is such an effort--and that includes eating.  We ordered pizza last night because I didn't eat much during the day, and all of a sudden I was really hungry, and wanted something I could taste!  But I'm happy with the scale again  :)
Today's verse on my e-mail devotional?  ""For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)  A good reminder for me today.  Isn't it wonderful how God finds ways to talk to me? Amazing!
Blessings to all!


  1. Wish we had a wig shop close by. I'm getting used to the "no hair", though. Either that or getting lazy...this morning I just pulled on a large garden hat down over my ears and headed out to get my blood tests. I almost wish I had the guts to just go plain bare!
    I'm like you...counting on God to help me deal with all the issues. Bless ya!

  2. Speaking of things people say: My girlfriend got tired of hearing how good she looked after her surgery/treatment/reconstruction, and she finally shouted, "But you haven't seen me naked!!" Your post reminded me of her. A coworker is going thru treatment now, and she looks forward to new boobs on her 54-year old body and plans to wear t-shirts that say "Under Construction." This is her 2nd go round. I admire the courage of you all!

  3. Sorry to hear of the new cancer. :(

    How do you get the categories on top to click on other pages? (Home/purpose/Journey/Pages)

    Also, I believe you mentioned a cancer forum. Where is that?