Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Left....5 Too Many!

Its going to be a tough week...can't wait until its done! Things are starting to really hurt again, like they did before I was hospitalized last time. I think we all thought it was the 5 FU that was causing most of the trouble, but it seems that radiation is messing up my system all on its own! But, I've got to tough it out--can't stop now! Only 5 to go!
If there is anyone reading this who has to go thru the same radiation I'm going thru, please know that most people don't have side effects as bad as I do. I talked to a younger gal (early 30's?) when she had just 2 treatments left and her biggest complaint was tiredness. She napped everyday after radiation. Hers is the more common reaction, but everyone is different.
I've been throwing myself a little pity party today--but I'm done with that now. I'm alive, and have a wonderful family helping me...I have SO much to be grateful for!! Time to count my blessings!!
Blessings to all!


  1. Pity parties are allowed, and necessary, but they must be finite and short. As long as you don't let your last more than a day or so, you'll be fine. You are SO close. Go back and read your posts from a month ago - then, look at your calendar, mark off the days you've already completed, then circle in BRIGHT RED the end date. Count down. And, set a goal that will allow you to celebrate.

    And, if you have to change that date, it's okay. You're here to change that date. You're alive and you're kicking this thing. 5 more days - that's it. S-O-O-O-O close......

  2. You've come so far in beating this...keep going just for today. Just keep swimmin'. Just keep swimmin. Just keep swimmin'!

    Love ya.

  3. Take care of yourself ... it is not easy.

  4. Prayer and a big hug across cyberspace....