Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Am SO Excited To Be DONE!

I did it! I finished my last radiation yesterday! Hopefully it will be the last one I'll EVER have to have!

The doc said he was sorry I had such a rough time. One of the lovely gals that zaps me said they keep track of the treatment # and also the calendar days. She told me that it took 67 calendar days to do my 28 treatments--she said I really had a long haul. The nurse, Donnie, gave me a hug and wished me well for my chemo. I go back to see them in 4 to 6 weeks. Apparently the side effects can last that long, and I have to see them to make sure the side effects are going away. I told Donnie how wonderful they had all been to me, especially the gals that do the procedure. They made me feel very comfortable and not embarrassed at all (they had to see my backside every day!).

This is a really busy week for me! Yesterday after radiation, I took Alyssa out to lunch and then we had to go to a party store for stuff for the baby shower on Sunday. Alyssa also had to buy stuff for the bachelorette party she had for her good friend who's getting married this Saturday.
After that I rested for about 45 minutes and then Shonna and I had to go to Bethel University for Welcome week stuff. We got there around 4 and didn't get home until around 8pm. She got her ID card, we ate supper, then had a meeting for PSEO students. She really liked how nice and helpful everyone was was, and I think she's a little less nervous now. They really stressed that the PSEO students are to think of themselves as Bethel freshmen, because that's what they are!

Today we have to go back to Bethel for a family picnic and to get her books. She also wants to buy a sweatshirt. Then I think she has an activity with her "core group", so we'll have to drive separately.

Tomorrow I'll have to finish getting things ready for the shower. I'm excited for it! So is Rachel!

I've been busy this morning going thru mail and papers that have piled up on the table. Its so nice to have this time to get things done, and feel well enough to do it!

After what I've been thru with radiation, I'm not as worried about starting chemo again. For awhile the thought of all those months of feeling sick had me really nervous. But the thought of laying around feeling nauseous all day doesn't seem as scary to me now. I don't remember it being as bad as all the pain and hospital stays I've had with radiation. Radiation was SUPPOSED to be a piece of cake--yeah, right. :)

Love and blessings to all!



  1. YEAH!!!!!!! Praise God you are done with radiation!!!

  2. Congratulations on being done with radiation!! We are praying that chemo isn't too hard on you! See you on Sunday!!