Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going to the Hospital

Last night I decided to take my temp before bed, because I was supposed to be keeping an eye on it. It was 100.4, so I called the after hours nurse line--she talked to Dr. J, my oncologist, and he wanted me to go to the ER to be tested for some different infections and such. We got down there about 10:30, and by that time my temp was up to 101.3. They did some x-rays, lots of blood tests, stool and urine sample, and a CT scan. Turns out I have a bladder infection again. The ct scan showed that my lower bowel is inflamed, but not as bad as last time. They sent me home with 2 antibiotics. We got home about 6:30 am.

So this afternoon, I called the cancer center to talk to a nurse to see if I could take some oxycontin I had left over, and she started asking me questions about my pain and fever (100.2 earlier today). She talks to the doc and calls me back to tell me he wants to admit me to the hospital. He doesn't like the way the bowels looked on the scan, and I have another infection called C-Diff (?) in the bowels and he wants to keep a close eye on me. The nurse also said I have a "major" bladder infection, whatever that means.

When I am in a lot of pain, I actually prefer to be at the hospital. I get good pain meds, and I don't have to do ANYTHING. My food is brought to me, I have an adjustable bed, the nurses come at the push of a button--its nice! Everytime I move it hurts, so just laying in bed is all I really want to do.

I don't think I'll be there long--just enough to get some antibiotics, and reassure the doc that my bowels aren't going to explode! (or whatever he thinks is going to happen)

So, as always, prayers are appreciated!
Take care everyone!


  1. Please rest and follow all the orders! Both of those are serious infections. Big hugs!

  2. Prayng for you! Hope you feel better soon!

    And C-diff is something you don't want to mess with. I vaguely remember that when I was a CNA.

  3. Praying for you Tina. All our best!

  4. Tina, It sounds like your medical team is taking good care of you. I hope that by the time you read this you are feeling much better. LOTS OF LOVE,PRAYERS AND CYBER HUGS TO YOU!

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a short stay. You have the right idea about staying in the hospital ---let them take care of you. That is their job. You just rest. And if the visitors get to be too much, tell the nurses so they can monitor. You need your rest right now so you can get over this infection. --- Love, Jeanne