Friday, August 7, 2009

Doing Better! (Only 3 more!!!)

Thanks to pain pills! I had a rough couple of days, and didn't know how I was going to make it thru the last few treatments, and then I decided to take some of the remaining pain pills I have left over from after I got out of the hospital. I told Donnie (the radiation nurse) that I was going to do that and she thought it was a good idea--the pills help both with the pain and they slow down the bowels. The doc wanted to see me today when I went in for radiation, because Donnie had told him I wasn't feeling well. He agreed taking the pain pills was a good idea, and he thought maybe I should skip treatment today--but I told him I really wanted to have my treatment, because I'm almost done! He said ok, but if I'm still having pain on Monday, we'll take the day off. I feel sooo much better--hardly any pain/cramping at all.
Today Alyssa and Shonna went with to treatment, and we picked up Rich from work too. Then we went to lunch after. We were supposed to go to this little Italian place on Rice St. called Mama's, but because I had to see the doc we didn't have time. Ate at Roadside pizza instead, because its quicker. Rich had to get back to work for a meeting. I asked Alyssa yesterday to drive me, because of the pain pills, and then Shonna found out we were going out to lunch and she wanted to go too. It was a nice lunch. Later in the afternoon I took Shonna to Rosedale to get her the Macbook she's been wanting (she's helping to pay for it!). She's clogging up this laptop with all her photos and music, and the Macbook has a much better program for photo editing. She's been getting jobs taking grad pics and wedding pics, so it will help her to have a better computer.
It was a long day! I'm about ready for bed!
Thanks for the prayers--God is answering them!
Love and Blessings,


  1. It's amazing to see your strength and determination come out in your blog. You are truly an inspiration. We all know I'd be addicted to drugs and skipping treatments by now. Just keep swimmin'!

  2. Thanks be to God for His unfailing love!

  3. I'm feeling so wimpy today just laying around in bed feeling nauseas and after reading your blog post I have to tell you, "Way to Go Girl! You Rock!"

    Chemo hasn't been so bad so far. I haven't gotten kicked in the butt by it yet. Just a little nausea and dizziness every day. Praying the entire treatment goes this well.

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