Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Only 6 Left!

Only 6 radiation treatments left! I can't wait to be done! My last treatment will be next Wed., but I'll still have to go down to Regions Thurs. and Friday also to finish my 5FU injections. I found out from the nurses yesterday that I'll also get a "push" (injection) of the Leukovorin along with the 5FU, because it helps the 5FU work better. They'll access my port on Monday to draw blood for labs and give me my injection, and then leave it accessed for the rest of the week. I'm glad I remembered to put the Emla cream on my port before I went this last Monday. It numbs the skin so it doesn't hurt when they put the needle in. Otherwise it hurts! The nurse I usually have on Mondays, while I love her dearly, puts it in too slow, I think. I had another nurse who did it fast and it hurt alot less.

My intestines are starting to protest a little again, and the radiation is starting to bother the bladder as well. The doc gave me a scrip for something to soothe the bladder, but I haven't tried it yet.

Today Alyssa, Shonna and I went to Godfather's Pizza for lunch. We love it, but Rich doesn't, so its usually a special treat for the girls and I. Probably wasn't the best choice for my stomach, but oh well. I had white rice and lemonade for supper to make up for it! And I don't need to worry about calories because my radiation doc was concerned today that I'm still losing weight. I'm secretly thrilled, of course! Especially since I was expecting the scale to be up a little since I have my appetite back and have been eating more.

Since I didn't nap today, and don't have anything important to do tomorrow, I'm gonna try to sleep without an Ambien pill tonight. I've taken one 3 or 4 nights in a row, and I don't want to start to need them to get to sleep. I've never even taken a Tylenol PM before...I just don't like to take drugs I don't need. But, I have learned to take what I do need, to improve my quality of life. Why suffer if I don't have to?

I might try to get a haircut tomorrow or Thurs. I hate making appts. because I never know how I'm going to feel. My hair is still thinning and starting to look really flat. I REALLY want to get out to lunch with some girlfriends (I need some laughs!), but I always hesitate to make a commitment. But I am seriously needing some girl time!

Time for bed!
Goodnight everyone!


  1. Always happy to meet another Christian cancer survivor!

    Enjoyed your blog!

  2. Tina-
    Looks like you are doing well. Interesting how your treatments differed from mine, as I had surgery and removed the tumor and then had 12 rounds of chemo (50 hrs each time) every other Wednesday. It ended up being over 8 months because I just like you would get delayed for counts, etc.

    This is what is so great about blogging is because you get to learn from each other.

    I've been back to work 2 months after being off for almost a year. I'm not going to lie, it has been difficult but I work in a very stressful job (Risk Management), long days and traveling. Every day I think about so many others that are going through the same struggle as we are.

    God has been my Comforter through the whole process. I can't imagine life without HIM, as I know you can't.

    Hang in there, looks like you are doing all the right things and you are surrounded by those that love you. Life just has to keep getting better after this...right??
    Life is definitely worth living...Keep it up!
    Blessings to you everyday!