Monday, August 10, 2009

More Changes in "The Plan"

My pain has gotten worse over the weekend, to the point where the pain pills barely help. So I didn't have radiation today, and when I saw my oncologist (Dr. J) he decided not to do the 5FU pushes(injections) I was supposed to have this week. The 5FU makes my body more sensitive to the radiation, which would be a bad thing for my body right now! He feels I've gotten enough radiation and 5FU previously, and I'll be getting more chemo soon, so its ok to skip it. We'll see what the radiation doc wants to do tomorrow, as I still have a lot of cramping and pain. Dr. J said the concern is that when the bowels get really inflamed the walls get weaker and then I am at risk for a perforated(sp?) bowel.

I have a date set for when I start my final 8 rounds of chemo--Wed., Sept. 2nd. I wanted it to be Wed. again, like before. I'll get chemo on Wed., come home with the 5FU pump, and have it removed by a nurse that comes to the house on Friday. I'll have a 3 week break before it starts--yay! As soon as I am feeling better, I plan on enjoying EVERY day!
Love and Blessings!!
Tina :-)


  1. Treatment is definately gruelling....Sometimes you just have to give your body a break!
    Keep positive. Be strong!

  2. Sorry for all the pain.

    I sure hope the treatment helps. All the best to you.