Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eating Nilla Wafers...

and trying to ward off the nausea that's been getting worse since last evening. I've taken my Zofran and Decadron, but not Compazine or Ativan yet. The cookies are helping a little. Also feeling very tired. I did manage to get a shower and even slapped on some mascara, but I'll probably head back to bed soon. At least just to rest and maybe listen to some relaxing music and look at the pretty leaves out the window.
Its 11:50 and the poor dog hasn't been out yet! She seems to know when I'm not feeling well, and is staying curled up in her bed not bothering me to take her out. Rich went into work for awhile, Shonna hasn't emerged from her room yet, and Alyssa woke up with a sore throat. It may be up to me to bundle up and take her out. Can you believe there is snow on the ground?? WAY to early !!! October is usually my favorite month--hope it warms up soon. Such an odd year.
We think Shonna had/has the flu. I talked to the nurse at our clinic (they didn't want her to come in!), and she was pretty sure its the flu, probably H1N1. I wasn't sure at the time whether or not Shonna had a fever. She was at class and said she felt feverish, but when she came home her temp was normal--so maybe its not the flu? She felt worse the day before. It came on quickly, she had a stuffy head, backache and headache, really bad sore throat, and a cough. Every symptom except the fever, so I think its the flu, just a mild case. She's been staying in her room mostly, to keep me from getting sick. The clinic won't give her Tamiflu; they are keeping it for those that really need it. If I start to show flu symptoms, I can get Tamiflu right away to help me fight it.
This morning Alyssa woke up with a bad sore throat! I'm sure standing out in the cold last night at the football game didn't help any! She's one of the cheerleading coaches so she has to be there for the whole game. At least our team has been winning! Yay!
I have just a few days left of my Lovenox shots (blood thinner). I've got huge bruises all over my stomach. One is really bad and has a big lump under it. The oncologist felt it and said it must have bed under the skin for awhile. It'll eventually reabsorb.
Baby update: Brennan finally started gaining weight! He was having a tough time keeping his feeds down, but now he's up to 4 lbs! He's 2 weeks old today. Haven't seen him since Sunday :( I'll try to get down there later this week when I'm feeling better. The next few days I probably won't be leaving the house. Rachel is doing very well also! She is off the blood pressure meds and doesn't have any restrictions other than lifting too much. God is really watching over them!
Love and blessings!


  1. Wonderful news about Rachel and Brennan. I wish your other two weren't sick. I worry that you will get it and will end up in the hospital. Can your mom come stay with them and you go home with dad until it's passed?

    I know this may be a dumb question but I've never asked what the Decadron is for; do you know? It keeps me awake at nights. The Zofran gives me headaches. I much prefer the Ativan and take one as soon as I wake up in the morning.

    Two weeks off chemo and I can actually drink cold things! Yes! Trying to pack those in this weekend since the new chemo begins on Tuesday. Will keep you posted.

  2. I will pray for you and for your family.
    This Flu is serious stuff. People keep saying its all hype, but I don't believe it for a moment. God bless!