Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now I Have Five

My oncologist, Dr. J, added another anti-nausea drug-->Emend. I took one pill today, then I take 1 on Friday and 1 on Saturday. So now I have 5: Emend, Zofran, Decadron, Ativan, and Compazine. I've heard good stuff about Emend from fellow bloggers. Dr. J said it is good for delayed nausea. I told him the nausea doesn't usually start until Friday night, but of course since I said that I've already started feeling nauseous. Oh well, hopefully it will go away til Friday.

My blood counts were low again. Hemoglobin is up to 11.2, which is better than it has been. Neutrophils (pmn absolute is the test name) are down to .9 (range is 1.8 to 7.7). Neutrophils are part of the white blood cells. We were able to do chemo today, but I will have to get a neupogen shot on Friday and Saturday. I only have 1 shot left here at home, so Friday I will go back to the Cancer Care Center to get my pump disconnected (instead of a nurse coming to the house) and they will give me a shot, then I will do the 2nd one on Saturday at home. I'll order some more shots from our insurance's specialty pharmacy to have at home for next time. I can get 3 at a time. They cause me alot of pain, so I will make sure I take 3 Ibuprofen first, and then alternate that with Tylenol for a day or 2. I still feel little electrical shocks up my spine, but they only last a few seconds. But the shots work fast and my wbc levels shoot right up!

I'm having difficulty swallowing. I thought it would be better by this evening. I'm carefully nibbling on oyster crackers, but sometimes I really struggle to swallow. The Dr. said its from the cold sensitivity--the throat has spasms. My hands, legs, lips, and even tongue all cramp up now and then. And I have a bad headache, and for some reason, I sneeze everytime I get home from chemo. I think its the 5FU in my pump, because it seems to stop after I have the pump removed. Overall, not feeling too great! But these problems are usually just the day of chemo, then they go away. Except for the cold sensitivity, but the cramping stops.

So that's my little update! Hoping tomorrow will be a little better, and this Emend stuff helps for the rest of the week.
Take Care everyone! Thanks for checking in!
Oh! I wanted to mention that the cancer center was almost COMPLETELY out of snacks today. They were discussing who wanted to make a trip to Sam's Club tonight. The nurses spend their own money on snacks when needed. Rich and I showed up with some stuff we had bought, and some generously donated by someone at SJM (Rich's work). They were so thrilled to have the snacks!! SJM employees-- You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for all the baby gifts too!! Anyways, my point was that more donations are needed, if anyone can help out. Don't feel bad if you aren't able to help at this time! Donations should be individually packaged snacks--crackers (plain or with cheese, peanut butter, etc), cookies, granola bars, small soup cans, and anything else you think would be good, but they must all be single serving packages. Thanks!!!

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