Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "Not Much Sleep Days" Are Here!

The title sounds like it would be a bad thing--but it means I'm feeling much better and my brain is on overdrive again! In the wee hours of the morning I've come up with Christmas ideas, and pretty much remodeled my whole house!! I even took the time to write my house ideas down, so maybe we can at least get some painting done this winter. No money for most of my other ideas! I have to save for a wedding reception :) (and college, and...etc).
Most of the nausea is gone (only 1 pill yesterday afternoon, and none so far today!), and my tiredness is more a result of lack of sleep than chemo. SOOO much better than a few days ago!

I can't believe its already Thursday. There is alot I should be doing, but I'm just gonna play around on the computer, take care of a few bills, and maybe start that paint-by-number I bought. I have to say, I don't feel as guilty taking it easy as I used to! I'll keep that to-do list for tomorrow :0).
Last chemo round I talked to my oncologist about delaying my 7th round (supposed to be Dec. 16th) until after Christmas, so I can enjoy the holiday a little more. He said that would be fine! That pushes my last round into January, but that's fine with me. It'll soon be over anyway, and I want to enjoy Christmas with my family (esp. my new grandson!!).
Speaking of Brennan, they took him off the caffeine (prevents apnea spells) and last night he had another spell. That might set back when he gets to come home. We really want him home, but we know he is safe and well taken care of where he is. Poor Rachel is getting tired of all the running back and forth tho! She's such a good mama!
That's it for now!
Love and Blessings to everyone!

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