Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Hope I Never Have To Go Back...

to the radiation doctor! I had an appt. with Dr. Bisignani (Dr. B) this afternoon. I talked to him for about 5 minutes. He was very happy that I am doing so well, and don't have any lasting side effects from radiation. As nice a guy as he is, I told him I hope I never have to come back! I think I'll send a card to them, they were all wonderful to me and felt bad that I had such a difficult time with radiation. But I was SO EXCITED to walk out the door!! Yay! I decided we should go out to dinner to celebrate. :)

Today I bought some orange juice and lemon pudding for my next chemo round--which is tomorrow. Oj is ok warmed up, and the pudding can sit on the counter and be eaten at room temp. I also have choc. pudding and applesauce already out. Rich is going with me again. He always goes, unless there is something real important at work that he can't miss. I hope my blood counts are ok, but if they are not I can get the neupagen shot and maybe go back Friday for chemo. Because I respond so quickly to the shot, we shouldn't have to delay chemo a full week.

Yesterday I went up to the school to help out a little. I enjoy working in the copy room, and then I go to the staff lounge and spend nearly 2 hours visiting with everyone as they come in to eat their lunch. Of course I brought pics of my grandson to show off! It was so nice to see everyone! Altho I do get a little nervous about germs. There have been a few cases of the flu there, but not too much.

I'll try to update in the next day or 2--depending on how I feel. The worst days usually start 3-4 days after chemo.

Rachel and Brennan update: they are both doing very well! They are increasing Brennan's feeds to get him to where he is supposed to be. He needs to start gaining weight.

Take care everyone!!

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  1. Is Rachel able to express milk for Brennan? That would help him a lot!

    Congrats on no more radiation! YIPEE! You are almost done with everything and I am SO happy!

    Did I tell you my oncologist switched me from Oxaliplatin to Camptosar(sp?)? I am so forgetful. I might have mentioned it and forgot. Sheesh!

    No chemo yesterday. My white blood counts were low but they didn't give me a shot for that. Just said they wanted to delay a week and then start the new drug.

    Found out today no chemo after next week because they are scheduling my PET scan. I am so scared about what that will show. My CEA levels haven't gone up at all but I'm still scared.