Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Note About Blueberries, A Good Book, and Me

Here (I fixed the link! It works!) is a link about how wild blueberries can help fight cancer, as well as other red-purple fruits. Gives a little background on how cancer cells grow too. I would LOVE to have a berry smoothie right now--but I still can't have anything too cold. When I can have cold things, I'm going to try to concentrate on getting healthy stuff in me--instead of Dairy Queen and sherbet! Although there is always a time and place for a treat!! :0)
I'm going to buy a book called "Anti Cancer A New Way of Life" by David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD. There is a copy of it at the Cancer Center Library, and some docs are recommending it to their patients. This author has looked into all the research on foods and lifestyles, etc., and put it all in one book. He even breaks it down to what works for what kind of cancer (I think he covers colon, breast, prostate, and a few others). He explains how cancer works and how it can be fought in easy to understand terms. And he tells his story too (brain cancer). Lots of easy to follow charts and graphs too, about different foods and exercise. I think I may have seen this book mentioned on someone else's blog too? It seemed familiar when I was shown it at the cancer center.
I'm feeling so much better today--its almost like a high--I have more energy, a big smile, and have trouble sleeping! lol! Again, I think its from my mind coming out of the fog and trying to make up for several days of not much activity! I had to take an Ambien last night, but slept well after that. Last round I needed Ambien 3 nights. I don't have a problem with that--I get a good nights sleep and feel great the next day--its all good. ;)
That's all for now!


  1. Can you tolerate warm foods? How about a blueberry cobbler? Or making blueberry sauce to put on a pancake or waffle? Yum! There are lots of recipes on line. I have tried blueberry herbal tea... its not bad! Glad you are feeling better, Tina. I hope tomorrow is another good day. :) Hugs.

  2. Apparently my link doesn't work :( oh well--just eat blueberries!! :)))

  3. Hi Tina glad to hear your feeling better, I hope it keeps going that way. Who is the cousin?Since Mom Died I really don't hear much of the family stuff. Wow....I was just thinking on how much Cancer we have in the family...your Mom, my Mom,pat,Keith,this cousin,you,and not sure who else..I guess every family has something unfortuntly that is our culprit..that & Diabetes,ther is alot of that too. Well wanted to say Hi, say hi to your wonderful sister ( i said wonderful cuz I know she will read this :)& your Mom. AS you see it is 5:40 am I sadly never have time to write...Our lives get too busy...I am trying to enjoy the moments when I get one!Hang in there, I think of you daily & say a prayer everyday on my way to work, By the way Congrats on your ya kiddo karri

  4. Karri--send me your e-mail address to I don't think I can reply to you from the comment you posted on my blog. Good to hear from you!!