Saturday, May 1, 2010

Corrected HER2/neu Information

I've been saying that Her2 is a hormone, like estrogen and progesterone. But that is not the case. Here's what says:

"Oncogenes are bits of genetic information inside the body's cells that usually work to protect us from cancer, by keeping cell growth in check.
Oncogene overexpression happens when an oncogene (such as the one called HER2/neu) malfunctions and "overexpresses" itself (like screaming instead of talking) by making excess normal or abnormal proteins and receptors. This can lead to cancer. Cancers that result from overexpressed oncogenes such as HER2/neu tend to be more nasty or belligerent and are more likely to recur than other cancers. They also may respond to different types of treatment than other breast cancers."

Herceptin is a newer drug used to block the cancer cells from receiving growth signals. I will be taking it for about 7 months, through an infusion each week. This regimen won't start until I'm done with the first 2 chemo drugs. Being HER2 positive used to be a bad thing, because it is more aggressive, but now with Herceptin, it can be treated.
So, I found all that interesting. I've still got alot to learn about my type of breast cancer. I was surprised at how many variations there can be. Mine is stage 2B, grade 2 (unless that changed with the new path report), 3.4cm, 3/9 nodes, er-/pr-/HER2+. I think that's all. :)
Good night!

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