Wednesday, February 18, 2009


OK, that might be a weird name for a blog of someone who has cancer, but today has been a good day, overall. I started a little down (I suddenly got overwhelmed last night--I had been mostly ok before that), but all the wonderful people I work with (and the kids too!) lifted my spirits. Thanks for all the hugs and cards!
When I got home there was a big package for me that came in the mail. It was a wonderfully SOFT robe sent by a dear friend who lives up north. We've been friends since about 9th grade. It was the PERFECT gift, since I still haven't bought a robe, and was going to go out tonight to look for one. Thank you Diane! Love you girl!
About 5pm Rich and I went to church (Bridgewood). They were having their leadership meeting and invited us in for prayer. It was sooo powerful. I left there floating on a cloud and so excited! God can and does do miracles. Wouldn't it be great if the surgeon gets a big surprise when he opens me up? I'll be sure to tell him where it came from!! I'm glad they prayed for Rich and the girls too, because I worry about them. I hate causing anyone any stress. One lady prayed for peaceful, restful sleep for my family. Rich had just told me on the way to church that he hadn't been sleeping well, so that prayer was directly from God. I'm hoping this feeling carries me through until I'm put under Friday.:-) No matter what path God wants me to walk, I'll be fine knowing He is with me always. Its worth it to go through this, if just to feel God's presence. If anyone is looking for a Biblical, Christian church, I highly recommend Bridgewood Community Church.
One thing I've discovered about myself is that its best if I don't read about colon cancer. Which is sort of weird for me because normally I like to research medical issues, and I definitely like to be informed about anything that is happening to me. But everytime I read something, I start feeing down. There is so many different ways this can turn out, I've decided I'm just going to wait and see what's in store for me, instead of worrying about all the different possibilities. Like I've stated before, its in God's hands.
Well, I've told some people at work to keep me posted on everything, and they've assured me they will. I'm looking forward to lots of e-mails to read while I'm recovering!! I'm really going to miss everyone and the kids (except one particular group in the lunchroom--right Sandy??) And Sandy, I owe you one --big time!!
Love and Blessings to you all! I'm remembering your kindnesses in my prayers! (you can send prayer requests my way, because I'll have plenty of time to pray!)

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