Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surgery time

I just got the call--surgery will be around 10:30 am tomorrow (Friday). I have to be at the hospital at 9 am--kind of nice that its not 6 am!
I'm just sitting here eating some orange jello. Its all I've had today (other than the gallon of cleansing stuff I had to drink-yuk!). I've packed my bag--pjs, robe, bag of toiletries, makeup, socks/slippers, etc. I suppose I should put in some books and magazines, and my Bible. I'll put the bag in the car, but I'll have Rich bring it in later in the day, or even Sat. I won't be needing anything tomorrow. I also paid bills and have been doing some light cleaning. Don't have enough energy for much else!
I'm still feeling peaceful about surgery, and cancer. Of course I don't look forward to how I'll be feeling the next week or so, but its something I have to do, so lets get on with it!
I'll be resting as much as possible today (until I remember something else that needs to be done before I go!), eating jello, and drinking apple juice! Maybe I'll have some tea to warm me up....
Love and Blessings!!


  1. I finally figured this out. Please know that I am thinking and praying for you. Our Carbon Monoxide detector when off the other day, so had Center Point Energy come out and our furnace burner wasn't burning right. Called the people that installed it and they came out and put in a new burner and now it works just fine. Kind of scary when that detector went off. We are all safe and sound. Take care. Love Karon

  2. You might not feel like reading in the hospital but we can read to you if you'd like. Ken reads to Rachel and I've always thought it's such a wonderful idea.

    God is being bombarded with zillions of prayers on your behalf and since He loves you and all of us, He will answer. (Jeremiah 33:3)

    May God give you peace and joy and a very rapid recovery.

    Love you.

  3. Today's a NEW you go with love and prayers!

  4. Dee is absolutely right. God is being bombarded with zillions of prayers. He is using the doctors hands to make you all better today. You are loved by all Tinkling Tina! Get lots of rest now and let God heal you.Love you lots,Diane :)