Friday, February 27, 2009

Pathology update

Hey everyone! Its actually Tina writing this time!
I wanted to let everyone know the results of the pathology tests, at least as much as I know. The surgeon took 21 lymph nodes total, and of those, only 2 had cancer cells. I consider that to be good news. As far as anyone knows, we may have gotten all the cancer. The problem, of course, is that there is no way to know for sure. Therefore, I'll probably have to have chemo. The only other thing I found out was that my tumor was "moderately differentiated", which apparently means it was not an aggressive tumor.
My surgeon said he will set up an appt. with an oncologist after my post-op appt., which should be 1-2 weeks after I'm released from the hospital. So, I won't actually know what the plan of attack is for a few weeks yet. I just need time to heal and thats all my surgeon wants me to think about for now. I was even told not to diet or place any restrictions on what I eat. Just listen to my body and eat whatever I think it needs. The only thing I need to make sure I get enough of is protein, because it will help my body heal faster. Too bad chips don't help the body heal faster!
I can eat anything I want, as of today, but am still sticking to soft-solids. I still have some nausea after eating because my "plumbing" is not all working quite as it should be, but its getting there. I'm getting 3 small meals and 3 snacks today.
I might be able to come home tomorrow, if my nausea goes away. They took me off the big drugs today and changed me to Percoset. I was very nervous to be disconnected from my pain killer, but the percoset works fine! I definitely can tell when its time for my next dose tho!
I have no more IVs at all now. I didn't know what to do with my hands when I went for my first walk without my "Sammy" pole. (I had to name it--we had a pretty intimate relationship!) Now on to a more "delicate" subject: Wed. they took my catheter (Foley) out, but had to put it back in. I was SOOOO disappointed!! It was depressing. But a urologist stopped by and explained that it is common to have this problem with the type of surgery I had. I'll have to bring it home with me, and then go to the clinic sometime next week to have it removed again. I write about this personal stuff in case there is someone else out there going thru the same thing I am, and maybe they'll feel little better knowing they are not alone. If any of you have had experiences with caths at home, be sure to let me know!
I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments, emails and cards. Thanks so much!!!
Love and blessings!

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