Monday, February 23, 2009

Tina's Monday Update

Monday 23rd February
Typed by Rich as told by Tina!
Today has been a much better day! I finally got some actual sleep last night. I was able to wash my hair finally – yea !!! About 1:30 I walked down to the family visiting area where Rich, Rachel, Shonna and Heidi T. were waiting. We all visited there for awhile. Then I walked one time around the nurse’s station. About 4:00 I went for another walk around the nurse’s station and down the hall a short way and back around the station again!

I want to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts, cards and flowers. I am still waiting for the plumbing to start so I can have something more than ice chips. I am finally starting to feel hungry! Rich is still here and we are waiting for Chuck to start at 7:00.
Love ya all

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