Friday, February 13, 2009

Its elementary my dear!

Hey, just wanted to say thanks to everyone at school for the thoughts, prayers, HUGS!!, and laughs. What a wonderful group of people I work with! I came in feeling down, and left with a smile! A couple of funnies to share with you:
The lovely Mrs. V was telling me she was going to call on her angels to help me, and just then up walked a certain 5th grade teacher in his pink sweater. My thoughts? If this is my angel I'm in BIG trouble. (Just kidding Mr. T!!!)
The equally lovely Mrs. Johnson, in her sweet sensitive way, told me I would soon be the perfect asshole!! Don't wanna think about that one too long, but it sure made me laugh!!
Everyone was offering to help, but thanks to my mom, sister, daughters and hubby, I won't need much. But if you have a chance send me an e-mail after my surgery. Let me know how you all are doing, and tell me stories about the kiddos. You can use the contact info here or send it to my work e-mail.
Thanks also to everyone else thinking of me, it really helps alot!
My morning was a little rough--you know--one of those days you want to stay in bed and have a good cry. I prayed and read some Psalms and God really gave me His peace. I'll be reading alot of Psalms this next week! I will also be doing alot to get ready---I'm already making lists! Gotta buy a ton of mac 'n cheese for #3 daughter, make sure bills are paid, clean, teach daughter #2 how to properly load the dishwasher, show hubby where my passwords are, etc., etc. I keep thinking of little things that need to be done. It'll be interesting to see what happens around here! Might make for some funny stories!
Love and blessings!!

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  1. MOM! lol:
    1. Mr. T
    2. daughter #3's mac and you are thinking about that!!
    3. #2 loading the dishwasher...oh too funny.

    From #1