Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday 22 February
Busy day today for Tina! I went to 2nd service today because the congregation prayed over Jaren since he is deploying soon and I wanted to be there for that. I got to the hospital about 12:30. Craig, Mary, and Donna were already here for a good visit. Then Jaren and Alyssa showed up! Shortly after Craig and Mary left, Terri, Aileen, Kelly, and Emma came up to visit. Rachel came up about 4:30. So there were many visitors today!

Pain medication was adjusted to Morphine for awhile but that did not work so well. She was switched back to Dilaudid again.

Tina was finally moved to a private room one floor lower today about 4:00 which will give a chance to finally get some rest! While we were waiting in the family area, Tina surprised all of us by walking in the room for a visit! She was able to sit in a chair for a short while then I walked her back to her new room. That short walk really took a lot of effort – but she did great! Rachel and I are still here in the family area – will write more later!


  1. Thank you for the updates. I hope you continue to feel better and get the pain under control. Prayers and thoughts are with you, Rich, and the girls.

  2. Hi Tina,
    I feel like there is a blessing coming your way so I will keep praying on it to come into being! Glad today is a better day for you. Love you. Dee