Monday, June 22, 2009

1st Radiation Treatment

I had my first radiation treatment today! We sure got our exercise walking back and forth between radiation therapy and the cancer care center! We park by radiation because we got a card to swipe to get into their parking lot, and its free! Then we walked to the cancer center to get labs done and see the oncologist. Then back to R.T. to get my radiation. Then back to the cancer center to get my pump hooked up. I forgot my pump at home (all I was thinking about was radiation!), but they found a spare one I can use until next Monday. Then, of course, back to R.T. (after stopping at the cafeteria to eat lunch!), because that is where we are parked!
Today, during radiation, they took x-rays first, so it was a little longer than normal. I have to lay on my stomach, with my face on a hard donut pillow, and my arms up above my head. Its very uncomfortable, because I can't breathe very well (I hate breathing in my own breath--I need fresh air!), circulation gets cut off in my arms, and I get red marks on my face from the "pillow". Oh, and the pillow presses on my port too. I'll try to position myself better tomorrow. I have 27 more treatments to figure out how to be more comfortable! I have to be very still, but I don't feel a thing. Since the other treatments will be quicker, it really won't be that bad.
Every Monday I will go to the cancer care center after radiation to get a new cartridge in my pump, and my needle in my port changed. Other than that the radiation itself should be pretty quick.
I found out today that I won't start chemo rounds again until 3-4 weeks after radiation is done(July 30th). They'll give me a little time to recoup. So I figure it'll be late Nov. to early Dec. before I'm done. All I care about is being able to go to the hospital when Rachel has her baby in Nov. Even if its just a quick visit to hold the baby. I can hardly wait!
I went to Rich's work today to get him to drive me to my first appointment. He likes to be there when I see the doctor, and I wanted him to figure out the parking lot for me! He'll go with me when he can, but I can drive myself when I have to. I'm just glad he could go with me today, I was pretty nervous! So thanks, Rich's work, for letting him leave! I know he had a meeting he was supposed to go to, but some things are just more important than work. I couldn't do this without him!
Well, that's about it! All in all, not too bad. :-)
Take care everyone!


  1. Okay, glad you posted an update because I was looking through emails to find your phone number again. :)

    Glad it went well but sorry it is so uncomfortable. I would definitely say something about the port. Could they put a soft pillow under the port so it doesn't press into the table? Wow, that must hurt!

    Hugs, Carol

  2. Glad to hear it went well, relatively speaking. Was thinking about you today. Keep us posted. Hugs....