Monday, June 29, 2009

Radiation Ain't too Bad

So far everything is going pretty well with radiation. I'm still getting used to the routine of going to the hospital everyday, it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get there, depending on traffic. I like that I have time to do things in the morning (I don't leave until 11 am), but my afternoons are useless. I eat lunch when I get home, then instead of working on projects(I've got a to-do list on the fridge) for at least a little while--I read, and sometimes even take a little nap! I'll have to work on structuring my time a little better. And I should probably find a little time in the morning for Bible study again, and some exercise would be good too. I guess my problem is that my time just seems so unstructured right now, and I feel like I'm wasting alot of it! Since I'm not feeling really sick, I should be doing more--but running to radiation everyday just messes things up. Oh well--I guess if that's all I've got to complain about, I must be doing pretty well, right??
Today(in addition to radiation) I had my port flushed, needle changed(that hurt!), and a new cartridge of 5FU put in my pump, plus labs done. My labs are ok, except for my hemoglobin, which went down to 9.5 (supposed to be 12-14). Its been below 11 most of the time since my surgery. The doc gave me iron pills, but I keep forgetting to take them. I don't know why it would go down. I didn't think chemo affected red blood cells--I'll have to go back and read all my info about chemo! That does add to the fatigue tho! I've been feeling yucky all day from that stupid saline flush of my port. I can taste it and the taste stays with me no matter what I eat--and just gives me a blah feeling. I held my nose for most of it (it really helps!), but not for all of it. My port was a little sluggish, so she had to keep flushing it until it cleared. I've also used an apple-cinnamon tea bag when I had my pump removed at home. You hold it to your nose and breathe it in and it really worked! Maybe I'll have to put some tea bags in a baggie and bring them on Mondays!
Other news--Rachel went in for an ultrasound on Friday morning and the baby is healthy and the right size. Very active too! The doc didn't like Rachel's blood sugars tho (they have been up, down, and all around!), so she put Rachel in the hospital for a few days so the endocrinologist (diabetes doc) can work on getting Rachel's numbers more stable. She was only supposed to be in for a few days, but event the experts are having a hard time getting her blood sugars under control! She says now she has proof its not just her! The endo thinks he's getting a handle on it, and she should be able to come home on Wed. She's bored silly! Ken spent the first few nights there with her, but tonight she's by herself. She has a word puzzle book, a jigsaw puzzle, books to read, plus a dvd player and dvds to keep her busy.
Alyssa and Jaren have been busy visiting friends, taking care of paperwork, and shopping! They have been staying at our house. Jaren leaves Wed. morning to go back to Iraq. It will be difficult for them, but they'll have lots of happy memories from this 2 weeks to help get them through the next 8 months! Keep them in your prayers!
North Heights Lutheran Church (our former church) will be having their annual Freedom Celebration on the 4th of July. Its a very patriotic service where they honor all service men and women. Vets are encouraged to wear their hats or uniforms. This year, at their Sat. eve. service, they will have a webstreamed, 2-way video between the church and the COB Basra, Iraq base, and the chaplain there, John Morris. That's the base where Jaren is! So we will definitely be going to that service! Maybe we'll be able to see Jaren! Altho I think it will be the middle of the night there. It'll be a good service anyway--it always brings a tear (or several)to my eye. I am SO grateful to ALL our servicemen and women! I just wish our country treated them better!
Shonna got a 32(out of 36!) on her ACT test. Hopefully that will help her get some scholarship money! She hasn't been home much since school's been out--tons of grad parties, fun times with friends, and work--whenever someone needs a day off, she gladly takes it for the extra money! Now she has a cold tho, so I hope she slows down the next few days.
So that's my update for now! Please keep all my little ones in your prayers, and Rich too, as work has been very stressful.
Take care everyone!!

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