Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Tattoos

Yep, I got 3 tattoos today. 3 small dots to mark where they will aim the radiation. They will be there forever. Not a reminder I will really want! I'm toying with the thought of getting a real tattoo after I am done with treatment and they remove my port-a-cath. I'm not a tattoo person, but after the battle I'm going to fight, it just seems a fitting way to remember what I've been through. But, I doubt I'll actually go through with it--we'll see.
At my appt. today, Dr. B, (the radiation therapist), went over again all the side effects and addressed any concerns Rich or I had. The main side effect of radiation and the 5FU chemo drug I will have is diarrhea. Fun. I'll have to eat a low fiber diet--no fresh fruit or veggies. And I should eat several small meals and no big meals. There is always a risk of scar tissue and permanent damage to the bowels or bladder, but the risk is small. I shouldn't have too many other side effects from this chemo drug; maybe some fatigue, but hopefully no nausea.
Then I had to get a ct scan of the pelvic/lower abdominal area. It took about 25 minutes, and was VERY uncomfortable. I had to lay on my stomach with my face on a very hard "donut" pillow, and my arms up over my head. I could breath normally, but not move at all. My arms were asleep after, and I had big red marks on my face. I couldn't wait til it was over! Then they marked me with the tattoo dots.
So, they set me up with 28 appointments for radiation--starting Monday! It'll be at 11:30 every day. Most days I'll drive to Rich's work, and then he can take me to radiation. I should be able to drive myself on days he's busy. I want him with me the first few times, but after that I should be fine on my own. He really spoils me! I thanked him for going with me today--then I hit him (playfully!) and told him I am a big girl, and I could've done it myself! (but I am REALLY glad I didn't have too!) I've warned him that I might get used to him spoiling me and not want it to stop after I'm all better!
I'm nervous about starting this next phase of treatment. But I have to remember that I have to keep fighting!! I can't let the cancer grow or come back. My family is by my side going thru it with me, and I won't let them down. Prayers are appreciated for next Monday--I'm sure I'll have lots of butterflies--and aggravation at getting that stupid chemo pump hooked up to me for the next 5.5 weeks!
Love to all!


  1. Oh, Tina, God love ya! I don't envy you this next bout of the treatment! I will want to check on you on Monday. Do you know what time you'll be back from treatment? If you send me your number I'll give you a call to check on you. Much love and hugs!

  2. Also thought to say that maybe you, me and Michelle should get tattoos the same day. I want a cute little flower of some kind. What would you get?

  3. Keep fighting girl! You can do it ... one step at a time.

    It can seem overwhelming but you are strong ... just remember that.