Thursday, June 4, 2009

Takin' a Little Longer....

Its taking me a little longer than I hoped to feel better. I figured Tues. would be the worst, then each day improve a little. But yesterday was the worst, so far. I stayed in bed pretty much ALL day. Not even a shower! The tiredness was there, but its the nausea that really makes me feel yucky. Not feeling much better today. I've taken 2 anti-nausea meds so far, and soon I'll take some more. I am trying to give the other ones time to work, because the next ones I take will make me sleepy and I was trying to avoid them. I guess I am doing a little better today, because I did shower already!
I wish food would taste better! An empty stomach makes me feel worse, but nothing is appealing to me so its hard to want to eat.
I'm trying to stay positive, because this is the last chemo treatment in awhile, and once I start feeling better,I know it'll last for awhile. The problem is I'm impatient and want to start feeling better NOW! But it'll come. I know it could be so much worse. There's just so much I want to do! And it does scare me a little(alot?) when I think ahead to my next 8 treatments after radiation. I guess I shouldn't let myself think about what that might be like...just take each day as it comes, right? *sigh*
Today is a big day for my youngest. Its Shonna's last day of 11th grade, and since she's going to college next year full time, its her last day at the high school! Congrats Baby Girl!!! I hope she keeps in touch with all her friends(she has some awesome friends!), and doesn't miss out on the fun "senior" stuff next year. We are hoping she can join the Bethel choir too, but don't know much about that yet. Now we just have to figure out where she should go to college after next year! She, of course, would like to go to some famous, well-known, college, like Harvard or something. Keep dreaming honey! :) She'll go wherever she gets the most scholarships for!
Rachel is 15 weeks pregnant now, and has really popped out! She can already feel the baby move a little too. Its sooo exciting! Her and Ken are going to Duluth for their 2nd anniversary.
Alyssa is busy with cheerleading tryouts (she's asst. coach at the high school next year), and getting ready for Jaren's visit. He's coming home on leave in a few weeks(yay!!). She's a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding soon too, so she has some planning to do for that. She still has not found a regular job, but I believe that is God's plan, because I really rely on her here to help me. She gets me anything I need, helps Rich with groceries (he's clueless! {love you honey!}), and makes to-do lists for him. I love it!! Last night she had a list for him to do when he got home from work, and he did it all--cleaned the sink and did dishes, took out garbage, and killed a spider! Poor guy didn't have a chance to sit hardly. AND she plans movie nights for us. She's waiting until I feel well enough to watch Pinocchio. The funny thing is she doesn't ask--she just stands the movie up on top of the tv and then we know what we'll be watching that evening! (watch out Jaren--she'll soon be yours!!)
I am so blessed! I feel better already just writing about my girls, and writing about how I'm feeling.
Well, just got off the phone with my mom (she's up north with my brother), talked to Alyssa for awhile (she's off somewhere-busy, busy), and then Rachel and Ken stopped by on their way to Duluth (I poked her belly, tee-hee)! Also got an e-mail from work about my assignment for next year, and now I can't wait to go back. Never realized how much I'd miss it!
I'm obviously feeling better than yesterday! Thank you God!!
I think I'm gonna try making some rice--or maybe soup? Something simple and warm. :)
Thanks for the continued prayers!

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  1. Oh yeah, rice and soup! I lived on both last year. I know it's a starch but I think it's also a protein. I know most of the world lives on rice three meals a day.

    Does the Jello or pudding cups help ease the queasiness for you?

    I pray for you every day. {{{HUGS}}}