Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Less Nausea

Yes, I'll talk to the doc tomorrow! I see him at 8:50, after having my blood drawn. I just figured each day would get better, so I didn't really need to talk to him until my appt. If I had known I'd be sick so long, I would have called, really. I have less nausea today, but feel very "out-of-it" and woozy. I even fell over getting out of the chair! (hurt my knee a little, but nothing major!) Knowing I am getting close to 2 weeks since my last chemo (Friday) I thought I should take my temp., because it seems it always goes up, and I end up with low white blood cells. Sure enough, my temp is 100. So that is part of the reason I feel crappy! Last time my doc tried to come up with all these other reasons I might have a fever, but its just the low counts. Maybe I'm unusual that I get a fever everytime? I'm guessing I'll have to do a neupogen shot, but since I'm not having chemo in awhile, I should be fine after that.
I'm curious to see how the 5fu affects me without the oxaliplatin. I know the oxa stuff causes the cold sensation, but I don't know which one causes more nausea. The nurses think I'll do better w/o the oxalip. We shall see!
Rich was gone to AZ for a short business trip since Sun. He got back today. He really didn't want to go, and told his boss awhile ago that he wasn't going to go on any trips while I was sick, but the project needed him, and I told him I'd be fine...this was a good time for him to go. And he's even back in time for my dr. appt. But I sure did miss him!!! I think it was good for him to have a break and not have to look at me lay around for a couple of days! I told him to think of some things he can do just for himself while I'm sick. He did get some books about building bird houses. We just may end with a big bird sanctuary here when he's all done!!
On a VERY sad note--my cousin Joe died Sunday morning. I still can't believe it. Only 50 yrs old, something to do with his heart, but very unexpected. Please pray for his wife and kids, and his brother and parents. They are my God parents and have been so good to me (I keep my "special" blanket with me all the time, it really soothes me). I wish I had something that could soothe them. I've been praying for them all day, and will continue to do so as long as God brings them to my mind. Love you guys, hang in there, and hold on tight to Jesus! I'll do my best to make it Friday to give you a BIG HUG!
Well, hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. I don't believe God causes bad things to happen, but sometimes he allows it, and we may never understand why.
God Bless you all!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Tina. You and your family are in my prayers. May the peace of the Lord surround you like a special blanket.

  2. Sorry about the loss of your family member. Never a good thing. You're all in my prayers.

    Re: the fever - I had this too. It's one of the lesser-known side effects of the drug - like, 2%. Ask your dr abt it.

    Also, the Ox. is pretty harsh stuff. Now that the 5FU isn't, but I bet you feel tons better. Thinking of you....

  3. Hi Tina,

    So sorry to hear about your cousin Joe. Know that you and his family are in our prayers. Hope you feel better soon.