Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Update

Just a little update...not too much new.
Saturday I had a fever and terrible headache in the evening, and it continued Sunday morning, but by Sun. afternoon I was fine. Weird! The only time I've had a fever so far was when my white blood cell count was low, but since I did a shot on Wed., my counts should be way up. Usually one shot makes my counts go above normal range. Oh well, I was worried about the fever, but now I'm just glad it went away! I have a very busy week and I don't need to be sick anymore!
Last night I couldn't sleep again. I don't know why I'm still having trouble with sleeping. I didn't think about taking an Ambien until about 2am, and then I figured it might be too late. I went out to the recliner like I usually do when I can't sleep, and was still awake at 4 this morning. That's when the first birds start singing. So, I'm a little out of it, being that I only had 4 hours (or less) of sleep! Most nights I sleep fine, but 1 or 2 nights a week I have trouble either falling asleep, or staying asleep.
This coming Friday will be 3 weeks since I've had chemo. Its taking a little longer than expected to get rid of all my side effects, but overall I'm doing good. I still can't hold anything cold for long, but I can eat/drink anything I want, so I'm happy with that!!
Thurs. I see the radiation therapist--I kinda am looking forward to getting started with radiation. I'm nervous, but yet I want to keep battling the cancer, and keep moving toward the finish line! I am grateful, tho, for this break in treatment.
I'm finding that there is alot of strange thoughts that come along with a cancer diagnosis. I'm so glad there are blogs out there of others who have gone through this already. There is fear even in the strongest of survivors; its what we live with every day. It helps me to know that I'm not alone with my thoughts. Now, I don't want people worrying about me. Overall I'm pretty positive-my faith in God helps alot with that. But, if I'm honest in this blog, then there are going to be times where maybe I'm not so positive and happy. I think its important for me to "tell it like it is".
Hope everyone out there is doing well!
Love to all,


  1. I can't imagine NOT having weird thoughts when dealing with cancer. But weird thoughts don't change the outcome, so I'm sticking with God-thoughts. :-)

    I am grateful you have Michelle and Carol and others to talk to. God has great and unusual plans for you and Rich when you're done with all this!

    Love you.
    ~ Dee

  2. Sorry this round of Chemo has been so tough. May better days be ahead.