Friday, June 5, 2009

A Better Day

Thank Goodness!
I had to still take it easy yesterday, but I was a little better--still not able to leave the house or do much (a little mail sorting, a few dishes, folded clothes). Today, tho, was much better. Still have some nausea, and nothing tastes good (argh!), but I was able to get out and do some stuff with Alyssa. We ran a few errands, stopped at school to clean out my locker and talk to a few teachers (so nice to see you!!!), and then we had lunch at Matthew's. I had a walleye sandwich and fries, which actually tasted pretty good. I had to stop myself from finishing my fries tho! No need to stuff myself! We had to stop at Target to look at some things, and while we were there I hit the produce section and bought red grapes, bananas, and a cucumber. A friend from work brought supper today(Thank YOU!!!), and she brought a bag of salad (which I will add cukes and carrots too), and some fresh strawberries. Doesn't it all sound good? I also have pineapple I cut up yesterday. I just have to remember to put some of the fruit out in the morning so its not too cold for me to eat!! I've been wanting the pineapple, but its too cold. Also bought a single serving size piece of yellow cake with choc. frosting, but that didn't taste good--I'm glad the healthier stuff tastes better--Rich ate the cake for me!

I was telling Alyssa today that even when I am at my worst I love when she, and Shonna, and Rachel end up ON my bed sharing their day and plans. I can only take it so long tho! Alyssa said I have a blank look on my face during those times, and she knows she'll have to tell me everything again. But that's ok! I just enjoy having them around!
Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know I made it out of bed--showered, did my hair and make-up (barely), and got out of the house!! Its a good feeling!

Love ya all!


  1. Having a shower, make-up and getting out of the house is huge ... good for you.

    Hate when nothing tastes good.

  2. LOL! I remember being in the midst of chemo, and if I was able to shower and pput on lip gloss, I considered it a good day. Sometimes, those were my only goals. Baby steps are SO important right now - remember what you're body is going through. There's a war going on in there, and them chemo's winning. But, the toll it takes on your innards is brutal - your body is resting and working on rebuilding. Rest, relax, and remember - when you are done with chemo and on the road to recovery, you can get back to doing everything and being everything to everyone. Meantime, take this tim for yourself so you can GET to that point. Hugs from AZ!