Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tired of Nausea

So, Friday was an ok day, like I posted. Was able to get out and do a few things. One would think that meant each day would get a little better. Well, I certainly thought wrong. Yesterday I started out in the morning with nausea, and it pretty much stayed with me all day. I was able to sit on the couch with the laptop, and read a little, so at least it wasn't a bed-ridden day. Today is pretty much the same. I had my pump removed last Sunday, so I thought I would be better by now! Ate some applesauce and crackers in bed, and took my meds. Glad Rich and the girls made it to church. Sounds like I missed some good worship. I will probably listen to the sermon online later.
Rich is gone most of the day, so I'm going to take the Sunday paper and computer back to bed. Awhile ago, while everyone was at church, I found that I had fallen asleep sitting up in bed with crackers on my lap! So, I'm thinking I'll be sleeping more than reading! That is mostly because of the Ativan. I try to just take 1 at a time to spread them out, but I'm so tired of nausea right now, that I'd rather take 2 and sleep.
Wed. I get my blood drawn again, and see the oncologist. I'll talk to him about the nausea, because I know there are other drugs out there (Emmend, Reglan), that might help. (or because I'm not actually vomiting, I should just put up with this?) But now we'll have to wait and see how sick the 5FU makes me, because I won't have the Oxaliplatin again until after radiation which will be around the end of July. I'm not sure which chemo drug causes more nausea, or if it is the combo of the 2.
Right now I just want to get thru another day, and pray that tomorrow is at least a little better!
Love you all! And thanks for your prayers!!


  1. Talk to your doctor about some meds to counteract the nausea. There are different ones out there... Ron was so sick he had to try several different prescriptions. He finally found out that gave him relief. Hope you feel better soon. Until then, 7-upo, tea, soup, jello, rice and crackers to the rescue!

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad ...

  3. Hi Tina
    I am still here thinking of you...with my long hours & on the computer all day,when I get home around 8ish being on the computer is not my 1st thought, as talking on the phone,I am on both 8 hours a day..but I do think of you daily. I am sorry you are feeling so tummy yucky..but I wanted to tell you, Keith's oncology nurse, who is actually his sister-in-law, which made it nice for him...she told Keith & all of us...there is no reason anyone should ever be sick, she said they have so many meds out there so it maybe trial & error...but don't let it go, tell your Doc to try something else. I just know from him...he was really ever sick or not much if he started feelin sick he would call her and they would try something else, so just a thought..hopefully they can find the right mix for you. you hang in there as I know you will, you have lotsa people pulling and praying for ya.
    Talk to ya later
    Love Ya