Sunday, May 3, 2009

3 More days...But Who's Counting?

One cannot help but think about what is to come....but in the meantime, I am enjoying feeling good and eating cold things!
I had a very nice weekend; the weather has been perfect! Near 70 today! Did alot of shopping, and sitting outside. Also visited with cousin Kathy; they had a little get together for their daughter's confirmation. Was feeling pretty tired from my busy morning, so didn't stay too long, but it was nice to see her and her family.
Are there any other cousins out there? (Well, besides the ones I've heard from, obviously!) I'd love to hear from you! Sounds like we are not having a reunion this summer. Not sure if I'd be able to make it anyway! I'm still pushing facebook(its safe--don't believe everything you hear on the news!)--sign up so we can keep in touch. I wish I could see pics of everyone's kids and figure out all their names and stuff. I don't see anyone enough to keep it all straight. Family has always been important to me, but even more so now.
I'm finding I'm more bold about things too. Esp. with people. I've never been very outgoing. It wasn't that I didn't care--just didn't want to "bother" people. That's changing! (So watch out!) I've been so blessed with people who care about me and aren't afraid to show it that I want to make sure I let people know I care too. And not miss a chance to bless someone else. So, all of you that are helping me through this time are showing me how to bless others, so your blessings will continue on thru me to even more people! (That makes sense in my head!). You all are storing up treasures in Heaven, and someday God will say "well done!"
Today was the first day I didn't take any anti-nausea meds. I still have some cold sensitivity, but only if I hold something cold for a long time, or let something too cold sit on my tongue too long. I was eating a bunch of cold "finger-foods" like fruits and veggies, and all of a sudden the fingers I was holding the food with felt like they had freezer burn and I had to warm them up right away. I have some other annoying stomach problems (that are really getting on my nerves), but over all I can't complain!
The next 2 days should be good ones, and then round 3 of chemo starts Wednesday. I'm hoping it goes as well as last time because I felt pretty good those 3 days of chemo. Monday was the worst day, which was a bummer, because I was hoping to feel better by then and not worse! I had to take Mon. and Tues. off work. Thankfully there are not many days left of school!
Thanks for checking! Please pray for: lesser side effects and tummy problems; Rachel and "Bambino"; and Jaren in Iraq.
Love you all!
PS. I'm eating a Buster Bar now---yumm!!

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  1. Mom, feel free to bless me with CHICKEN RICE AND BUNS!!!!