Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good News, Not So Good News

Well, my white blood cells and other related numbers went up, but not high enough to get chemo tomorrow. We are going to try for next Wed. The doc thinks they'll go up enough without another shot, thank goodness! I think because it hurt so bad yesterday, he decided not to do another one today. And by delaying chemo a week, my blood cells should build up on their own. It's technically not white blood cells that the doc is so concerned with, its "neutrophils" in my bone marrow, and when they are low it's called neutropenia (this concludes your medical lesson for the day!).
The difficult part of all this is it throws off my whole schedule! I had really hoped this wouldn't happen this soon. I've got subs all planned at work, people are scheduled to bring meals according to my chemo schedule, and now it's going to be the opposite weeks! I feel so bad about work. I'll be missing even more days now. I keep telling myself its not my fault, and there is nothing I can do about it, but I can't help but feel bad. I am so blessed to work where I do!
As for the food...considering I really don't feel like cooking AT ALL these days, it doesn't matter when it comes--we'll take it! And maybe some meals I can freeze.
You guys have no idea how much I appreciate everything everyone is doing for me. God Bless you all!! I always pray for extra blessings for those that are taking their time to cook, pray, send cards, give me Milk Duds ;), think good thoughts, whatever! So be prepared for God's blessings!
My back still hurts off and on. Major movements, like stairs, standing up, or sitting down send temporary electric shocks up my back, and I'm still taking Tylenol and ibuprofen. The nurse said my fever yesterday could have been caused by the shot too. I wish they would have told me that before I worried that I was getting some horrible infection my body couldn't fight off! I'm tired and often have a headache, but that could be all the stress too. But, hey, these are all minor, and I'm not complaining, just updating how I'm doing. It'll be nice to have extra days without nausea!
It's almost time to eat a yummy meal provided by a co-worker! I'm very thankful to have it today!
Love and Blessings!!!


  1. Unfortunately, or fortunately, you're not in control. May the God above all gods give you peace and comfort as you walk this path.

  2. Just keep saying, "I can get through this." I have absolutely faith that you will.

    Great Big HUGS to you!

  3. Thanks Carol!! I appreciate it!

  4. Oh Tina, it happens, and it sucks. Happened to me. Had the next 4 months planned out according to my chemo schedule, and my port got infected. Messed my whole system up - I was supposed to be done with chemo the week of Thanksgiving, and then poof - December 13th. It does and will happen, and you will make it through.
    Thinking of you....

  5. Michelle--thanks! I knew it could happen thanks to your blog-I just hoped it wouldn't happen so soon! And I felt so good too! Apparently you can't feel when your wbc are low like you can when your red blood cells are. I thought I had learned the lesson about not assuming anything, but I've got a lot to learn yet!