Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day (tomorrow!)!!!!
Please take time to remember our fallen soldiers and remember that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!!! So many lives have been lost so we can live free in this GREAT country! And pray for those who continue to serve, like my almost-son-in-law, Jaren.
Here are a few pics from our little barbecue today. They didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, but that's impossible with these kiddos! The weather is perfect!! Low 70's, and lots of birds singing!
Shonna, me, Rachel, Alyssa

Rachel and Alyssa

Ken (son-in-law), Shonna, Rich(master griller), Rachel, Alyssa

My stomach is still giving me a lot of trouble (couldn't enjoy much of the yummy food today!), but at least I'm getting my energy back and not stuck in bed-just stuck at home :).
Have a good one!
God Bless!

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