Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chemo Round 3 Has Finally Begun!

My white blood cell counts were way up --higher than the ranges! The doc was right and I am very sensitive to the Neupogen shot. I'm glad I only needed one, but if I need more in the future, I'll be better prepared for the pain. The doc said I probably won't need another shot until after radiation when I'll have 8 more rounds of chemo.
I was telling the nurse how sensitive I am to cold after chemo, and she said it sounds like I'm extra sensitve to the Oxaliplatin chemo drug also. Great... I can only hope that means its working extra hard to kill the cancer cells! But that is also the drug that causes hair thinning--lets hope that side effect skips me! By the time I'm done getting chemo, my hands are already extremely cold sensitive. Even the handles on my kitchen cupboards are too cold! My fingers are tingling now, and I don't even know why!! And the bare floors are way too cold for my feet! It takes some getting used to! After my 2nd round the sensitivity didn't go away completely, even tho it was 3 weeks between treatments. Also, my muscles cramp easily, my cheeks and nose get SUPER red, food doesn't taste good, and I'm very tired. No nausea yet :-) . I know it sounds like I'm complaining--but I'm really not. Its not so bad, and I'm glad to be back fighting the cancer!
Next chemo will be in 2 weeks, on the 27th. I think alot of people were scheduled to bring me food next week, but I know Dee called/e-mailed some to change it. Its too bad everyone's schedule had to be messed up.
Alyssa took me to my chemo today. Rich had an important meeting at work (that he scheduled for today because I wasn't supposed to have chemo!), and while we were both sad he couldn't be with me, it was nice to have Alyssa with me. She has been a BIG help during all of this. And I think its good for the girls to come with me and see the cancer center, meet my oncologist, and just generally see what Mom goes through.
I'll update more in a few days, and let you know how I'm doing!
Thanks so much for the thoughts, prayers, food, everything!!
Love and Blessings!


  1. May 27 is a year to the day that I had my last dose of chemo. I continue to pray for you every day. A couple times a day. I know God will heal you. Keep up the positive thoughts and outlook and keep fighting the fight!

  2. Thinking of you....the Oxalipalantin hit me hard too. Sucks, but you'll make it through. Keep fighting, and know that you have SO MANY of us on your side.