Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round 3 Update

Just a little update to let you all know how its going.
The "blahs" have kicked in. Had a hard time getting out of bed, and have been moving slow ever since! A bit more nausea today, have taken several different pills, and its better now (altho never completely gone!). Rich and I went out for lunch--unfortunately nothing tasted very good, but it was nice to be out of the house! Took a nap when we got back (with a little help from the Ativan pill!), and then watched an old Elvis movie. Rich has been putzing around the yard all day. Usually I'd keep him company, but I just don't have the energy, and its very chilly(only 53 now!) and super windy--so I'd have to wear the scarf and mittens! Hopefully this will be the last time its will be this chilly!? Tomorrow should be mid 60's and then 70's after that--yay!

I'm anticipating tomorrow to be worse, and maybe even Monday worse yet, because that's how it was last time. But I do know that each time can be different, so maybe it won't be so bad. I'll be praying about it too. God always gives me His peace when I take the time to talk with Him. Here is a passage from a friend's calendar that she sent me in an e-mail:

Trusting God completely means
having faith that He knows what is best for your life.
You expect Him to keep His promises, help you with problems,
and do THE IMPOSSIBLE when necessary.

The Lord your God is the faithful God
who for a thousand generations keep His promises.
Deuteronomy 7:9 tlb

I do trust God completely! And am so thankful for His love and mercy. It amazes me everyday!

I have been praying for some others I have found thru blogs that have colon cancer also. Some really have it rough. Their faith and strength are an inspiration to me to continue to be strong and fight. I'm young to have colon cancer (44), but one young gal is only only 19, and a few others are in their 20's and 30's and have young children. I pray for them often! So many stories start with a doc telling them they are too young for a colonoscopy, and then they waste time searching for other problems, and sometimes even being treated for other things, like colitis. By the time the doc (or a different, wiser doc) does the test, the cancer has spread! So, I BEG you--if you have bowel problems (any bleeding at all, or changes in bowel habits) DON'T WAIT! Insist on getting a colonoscopy. Its an easy procedure-- not bad at all!

Take care everyone!
Love and blessings to you!


  1. Who knew you'd ever hope for WARM weather! Hang in there. Soon you'll be well again.

  2. Good job advocating! Hope this next week is totally different and not bad at all!