Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tummy Bug!

Well, just when everything is going great, something else has to happen, right? Thurs. eve. I started to have an upset stomach, which got worse as the evening went on. Most of the night was spent in the bathroom, and its a wonder anyone could sleep with the toilet being flushed 500 times overnight!
During the day yesterday I was better, but had a lot of nausea and slept most of the day. Finally around bedtime I was feeling a little hungry (instead of just nauseous) so I had a few crackers.
Today I've managed to shower, eat a little breakfast and stay awake, so far. I'm pretty weak, but think I'm over being sick--just need to recover.
What a bummer! There's so much I want to do. Alyssa and Rich have been taking care of everything, and Rachel didn't have my help for her garage sale yesterday.
Oh well, it happens. I don't thing it was "swine flu" or anything like that because I never had a fever. Just some sort of bug that if my immune system was stronger I probably wouldn't have even noticed!
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I had hoped to do some shopping, planting, and grilling, but we'll see how it goes!!
Take care!

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  1. Doubt it was a stomach bug. I think it was just the effects of chemo. You will get used to it. I lost 10 lbs in a week last June. Too bad I've gained it all back. :)