Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chemo Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is supposed to be round 6 of my chemo treatments. It all depends on whether or not my platelet count came back up.
I've been enjoying these extra days before chemo. I've got most of the house decorated--although Alyssa did most of the work! We found an apartment for Alyssa and Jaren (she'll move in Jan 1st), and I made it to church on Sunday! I haven't been to church in awhile because I either don't feel good, or its just too hard to get moving in the morning. We also did some shopping on Sat.
I've been drinking lots of cold water and juice. Its been awhile since I could have water with ice in it! I still need to take small sips tho--can't gulp it down.
If I get chemo tomorrow I'll be hibernating for the next week! The first 2 days with my pump I don't feel too bad, but it'll be WAY too cold to go outside. Its snowing now with a temp of 19, and its supposed to be COLDER the next few days. Shonna came home today complaining about the snow and cold ("why do we live here?"). She is always cold. She's going to live with Alyssa in her new apartment for the first month until Jaren comes home, and she got REALLY excited when I told her the apartment would be much warmer.
I still get tired when walking too long or even standing too much. Stairs really wear me out! But other than that, things things are pretty good right now. That could all change tomorrow.... :)
Take care everyone!

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