Thursday, December 3, 2009

Round 5,last day of my 2 week cycle

Had a busy day, with no afternoon down time, so I am very tired right now. I'll go to bed soon, but don't want to go too early or I might not sleep all night.
Alyssa and I looked at a few apartments in one building, then had lunch with Rich. Later in the afternoon Rich's dad and sister came over and Rachel brought Brennan over so they could hold him for the first time.
My chemo appt. got changed to an earlier time (ugh!), so we have to join the morning rush hour and be at the hospital at 8:30. I'll get labs drawn and see my oncologist, and he'll decide whether or not I can have chemo. I'm very curious to see what my blood counts are.
As far as side effects on this last day--just the usual cold sensitivity, although I did manage to drink my melted Wild Berry smoothie! Tiredness and weakness are ever present these days, and esp. this week with my low blood counts.
So, we'll see what tomorrow brings!
Take care everyone!

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