Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Round 5, Day 13-Wed.

I'm doing ok today. Taking my antibiotics and pain meds. These Neupogen shots are working REALLY well this time, and that means I have alot of bone pain. Especially my spine. The pain meds help, but when they wear off it hurts alot. That's how I know its time to take more. :)
I'm a little stuffed up--hope it doesn't turn into anything. Its been so dry at night that I wake up with a sore throat and bloody nose. I'm going to put a pan of water on the floor heat register and see if that helps.
I'm still worried about my platelets and am trying not to hurt myself! I can hardly wait until Friday to see what they are and what the doc says.
Usually by this point in my cycle I can eat cold cereal for breakfast, but altho I've had it the last 2 mornings, it doesn't taste good, and its still too cold. I'll go back to oatmeal tomorrow! I should try malto meal again--I think I used to like it. Anyways, the cold sensitivity doesn't let up much at all anymore. I can drink slightly cool things. I still want to try a smoothie tomorrow! If I let it melt, and take small sips, I can usually drink it.
Tomorrow Alyssa and I are going to look at another apartment, and then have lunch with Rich. I've been home taking it easy the last few days, so I'm ready to get out a little. I just have to be careful not to bump into anything :) And I use a lot of hand sanitizer and wipes! In the afternoon Rachel is going to bring Brennan over so my mom and Rich's dad can meet him and hold him.
Its been frustrating this week, because this is my small window of time to get things done. If I have chemo on Friday I won't be getting anything done next week. And then there's the stress of having such low blood counts. This chemo crap nearly kills you in order to save you!
When I see the doc on Friday I'm going to make sure we make some sort of plan for December. I need to know when I'll have chemo. He was going to let me skip the week before Christmas, so I want to look at the calendar with him and figure it all out--tentatively of course. Boy I can't wait until this is all over!!
I always plan to make short little posts, but apparently that's not possible for me :P
Thanks for hanging in there and making it to the end!
Love to all!!

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  1. Girlfriend, you are almost done! Soon it will be over and we can rejoice and dance and holler all we want! YES!