Friday, December 4, 2009

No Chemo Today--and That's a Good Thing!

Just as I suspected, I wasn't able to get chemo today due to low platelets. They were 51 on Monday and are now 66, so they are coming up. My oncologist, Dr. J., said they usually come back up pretty fast, so we scheduled chemo for next Wed. Usually I would be a little bummed about delaying chemo, but as I told the doc, I think my body needs a break, and he agreed. He also said we could stay on the 2 week schedule and do a reduced amount of chemo, or spread out the treatments more and do the full dose, and the 2nd option is what he felt would work better for me. He assured me we are not hurting anything by waiting. So after my next treatment (#6), I get to wait 3 weeks to do my 7th treatment, which means I will have a MUCH better Christmas--yay!! It will be on Dec. 30th. Then my LAST ONE will be mid Jan. I'm so happy I could just do a little dance! :)
My white blood cells are WAY up, which I knew they would be because I could feel it working. My fever is gone, and I'm still taking the antibiotics, but don't need the percoset anymore. Although I will save them for next time I do the Neupogen shots!
So, as always, God has worked things out for me again! Everytime I needed to feel good for a holiday or special event, God has worked out my chemo schedule for me. Its been just amazing. No coincidences here folks! Its all God!!
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Amen, indeed! Praise God for knowing what you need long before you do. :-)

  2. Bless you. And I just want to encourage you as you continue with your chemo! You can do it! And, yes, God is good. All the time. No matter what.